What is the Cost and Technology Stacks used in Developing a Transportation App

Developing a Transportation App

From the past few years, every scenario in the transportation industry has changed to a great level. Every single step has been replaced with a technology-driven process from the traditional one to make it fast and secure. It not only benefits the vendor but also beneficial to the consumer. The transportation mobility solution gains its roots everywhere. Let us know about the technology integration scenario involved in logistics.

Whenever you are involved in developing a transportation app, there are certain and basic features you need to add. These attributes are important and you must have to consider them to lay out the best outcome in the procedure. Have a look at it to know more about the features and technology stack that are important when you develop an app.  

Admin panel: It is a core part of any application. It helps in checking out the pending and completed orders in real-time concept. It is the most important feature that a fleet manager looks for in any logistic or transportation app.  

Admin panel: It is a core part of any application. It helps in checking out the pending and completed orders in real-time concept. It is the most important feature that a fleet manager looks for in any logistic or transportation app.  

Push notification: Using this feature, an admin could easily send the notification about the payment, orders and allotment of the driver. This simplifies the process of alerting everyone.  

Schedule the maintenance calendar: To get maintenance alert of the vehicle, this feature is used. It reminds about the maintenance time so that admin can take care of the respective vehicle.  

Vehicle handling characteristics: It enables the admin to manage the vehicle as per the requirement. Using this feature, it is simple to check out fuel consumption, live tracking and availability of the vehicle.  

Invoice generation: Using this feature, generating the invoice is fast and convenient with the error-free result. An admin could easily save time using this kind of feature. The approval of the bill is simple and efficient.  

Chat support: It is easy to communicate with drivers and customers using chat support. It saves time and makes the process fast because an admin could communicate 24/7 with the driver or the customer.

Online payment: The online payment gives out the platform to pay the amount in a secure and fast manner. For this payment gateway like PayPal, PayU and many more could be integrated into the app.

GPS: It’s a helpful feature for drivers to track the route. It navigates to the driver towards the destination and simplifies the process for them. There should be an integration of GPS feature in any good transport app.

Important features for the fleet manager

A fleet manager will always look for basic needs. Besides that, there are some features which can be like a boon for fleet managers. For example, the live tracking feature is what they always like to have in any transportation app.

  • M2M communication
  • Update of the traffic in the route optimization
  • Handling of vehicle
  • Geofencing
  • Telematics
  • GPS

Stack of the technology

Whenever any developer develops an app, it is important to consider the mode of technology. It is because technology plays a major role in this process. The type of language, framework, patterns, servers, libraries, UI/UX solutions all matters to the great level while developing any application. It is necessary for the developer; to check out the technology because it is the core or you can say it is a backbone of your product. The weakness and strength of any product are based on the technology involved in it. Have a look at the technology based on feature.

Feature Technology
Push notifications Push.io
SMS, Voice, and phone verification Nexmo, Twilio
Payments Paypal, Stripe, E-wallets, Netbanking, and Cards
Database Hbase, MongoDB, Postgres
Cloud environments Google, AWS
Real-Time Analytics Spark, Cisco, IBM, Hadoop

Cost of the development

Now let’s talk about the estimated expenditure in the app development. You need to hire a good taxi booking app development company to get work on time. It is because along with the cost time and quality of the project matters a lot.

The cost of app development varies from company to company and region to region. For instance, the cost per hour is $160 in the USA and Canada but in India, it is $25 to $40.

Also, keep in mind that features influence the cost of the app. App with basic features will be cheap as compare to app rich in advance features. The estimated cost of a basic feature app is around $70000 while on the other hand, it could be around $20,000 for advance features. So the cost of the app will depend on many factors, you need to look accordingly.


If you are a developer considers above-mentioned factors when you build an on-demand transportation app. If you are a vendor then also these fundamentals are important. So it doesn’t matter you are an app developer or a fleet manager, you must look in a 360-degree manner. Hope these are meaningful information for you. Don’t hesitate to share your knowledge through comments.


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