Ways to generate hundreds of content topics for Guest Post Service!


Get post service, or we can say Guest blogging is the most popular link building technique nowadays. Most of the bloggers are using this technique to rank your blogs and domain various search engines. But the most important thing or we can say the challenge for bloggers is to select Attractive topic or the main heading for the blog. When a person sees a blog on a different website, they only want to research it more when they find it attractive.

So, here we are going to discuss selecting an attractive blog title for a guest post service to attract the potential audience.

Methods of selecting an eye-catching title:

  • Your title must be short and precise. It should tell the user that what you want to say and what you want to discuss under the blog.
  • Place the main keyword in the title. This step is used to follow proper SEO techniques.
  • Almost 5 to 8 words are used to write an attractive and SEO friendly title.
  • For keeping it simples 56 characters long title with the keyword in the beginning.
  • Brainstorming is the best method. It helps to generate a human-friendly title.
  • Chat with your friends, take their suggestions and try to know their views.
  • Take the help of your team members and colleagues to finalize title.

In this way, one has to make a catchy title to attract readers to visit your site and explore it in deep. More people will spend time on your site; less will be your bounce-back time.

Why people give too much importance to the title?

  1. Not only people, but google also give importance to the title, and they wanted to be attractive for the user.
  2. One has to be careful while using a title to get it ranked on Google.
  3. 25% of weightage is given to the title of a blog to get it ranked on search engines.
  4. When your article is as audience or user friendly, then google can scroll it easily and show it in the search results on top ranks.
  5. It is the reason why people are giving so much importance to writing title so precisely.
  6. Some companies say that our writer has to spend more time on selecting a title. The time a writer spending on writing is almost equal to the time they are spending to select the right title.

Disadvantages of not selecting an SEO friendly title:

 There are some disadvantages if you are not writing your main heading precisely. Those drawbacks are:

  • It will be difficult for you to complete your competitors and get your article drowned on the top 10 positions.
  • It will be difficult for google to detect your article and refer it to readers.
  • Even though your information and the blog is optimized and properly returned, but if your title is not optimized, it won’t be easy to rank your work.
  • Some people are not using many techniques to write a title, but they are following basic guideline.
  • The basic guidelines are: Use short title with your main word in it, which is easy to read for a reader.
  • In this way, if you are not writing the proper title, it will affect your page authority.


So, here we have discussed how guest post service and title of the blog is interconnected and essential. one has to keep both the factors in mind to work in the right direction. When your efforts are good, your work automatically becomes good and reliable for further queries comment below and contact experts.


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