Best Managed VPS Hosting Provider

Virtual Private Server

Best Managed VPS Hosting Provider

VPS is Virtual Private Server. VPS hosting is the most popular hosting services that can be used by anyone for their website. It uses Virtual technology to give you private resources on a server with multi-users.
It is a secure and stable solution than shared Hosting where you do not get private server space.
VPS hosting is mostly chosen by website owners who have medium traffic that increased the limit of shared hosting plans but still do not need the resources of a private server and gives your online business more controllable and stable.
You may know how to configure each setting. Some companies provide VPS hosting. Managed VPS hosting means, you do not have to worry about the technical issues of your site.

If we are talking about the managed VPS Hosting Provider, here are some Provider.


1) A2 Hosting:This company provides you fully managed VPS hosting. If you are unsure about VPS hosting, A2 Hosting will provide full assistance. They are customer-centric and friendly approach makes you feel worthy, and staff are always ready to support their customers. And if the service is not at your expectations, you can get a refund anytime

A2 Hosting starts managed VPS hosting customers with least four virtualized processors, ample high-powered computing resources and full root access. They provide Free cPanel and upgraded Turbo Boost option; it increases 20 times faster page loads. The more page speed of the website, the more chances to get high rank on SERP. A2 Hosting is an excellent option for those who understand the importance of speed in web hosting. The company’s support includes automatic and immediate notifications of any hardware or network issues. A2 Hosting maintaining the same speed and fix any problems before you even notice them.

2) Liquid Web:
This company offers fully managed Windows VPS plans. The company touts its industry-leading Net Promoter score wich trace the frequency with which customers would give the company to others. It provides the customer’s specific needs with 100% network and power uptime guarantees. You can choose from among Interworx, Plesk and cPanel for your system panel for a simple fee or otherwise enjoy hands-free Hosting that includes configuration for a content delivery network, DDoS and firewall protection.

3) InterServer:
InterServer is providing affordable, high-powered hosting services. The team which is fully accomplished with experienced and talented administrators and engineers are very nearby from your VPS environment to give you facilities.
InterServer’s managed services complain in once you purchase a package with four or more parts or CPUs. In addition to supporting all hardware problems, including parts and labour, InterServer will troubleshoot and repair any concerns with your mail server, web server, SQL Server, DNS, and FTP server. Customers will notice automatic security updates, different firewalls, brute drive protection, and access control. Interserve recognizes the full root access and inclusion of the Webuzo control panel, but you’ll pay an extra fee for cPanel.

4) Bluehost:
If we are talking about WordPress is how the huge open-source area attracts engagement from across the world: personal developers just starting, all the way to global web hosting services. Bluehost is one of the best company taking a leading role in code additions, WordCamp support, and other responsibilities, earning the platform’s seal of permission.

Bluehost repaired a controlled hosting offering, WP Pro, that provides an all-in-one marketing centre and dashboard provided for integrating email marketing, SEO and social media with the already impressive WordPress experience. As a part of controlled WordPress hosting, customers will get to talk with trained WordPress professionals who will support them to pick the right themes and plugins that match their particular requirements.

5) SiteGround:
Behind innovative Virtual Private Server technologies snd custom-built software solutions, SiteGround is already one of the favourites for offering the best web hosting support. The company overstaffs its changes and estimates each employee’s speed and helpfulness, enabling SiteGround to promise near-instant replies to phone calls and chats, and 10 minutes or less for email tickets.

When it comes to controlled Hosting, SiteGround goes a step ahead than many others in helping review application-related problems and questions. The company proactively applies software updates and applications as they become possible, while also protecting your environment from spam, threats and malicious bot source usage.


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