Top 5 universities in the world in 2021!


Looking for the best university for your education? You must check out the universities’ rankings to choose the best one. Some universities’ rankings focus on the factors that are not related to the academic merit. While others universities and colleges rankings give weight to expected income of graduates, affordability of tuition, extracurricular benefits, satisfaction of students and alumni, and attractiveness of the campus. These kinds of rankings do not help you to find the best university for your further education. You must look for the rankings that give weight to the sheer intellectual horsepower, scholarly excellence, and academic prestige. At these universities, you will see the fusion of the best faculty and students that help you to develop your skills and knowledge, so that you can join the elite thinkers, scientists, and academics of the world. 


On 2 September, 2020 the Times Higher Education World University has released the list of top universities across the world in 2021. As per its manual rankings, some universities have gone a level up and some goes down. In this ranking, 93 regions or countries are represented and the top five of them are mentioned below. The main factors that were included are international outlook, industry income, teaching, research influence, etc. For traveling to the desired city, you must choose the Allegiant Airlines reservations as it will help you to save on your travel expenses. 

  • Stanford University 

Situated near Silicon Valley, Stanford University continues to be in the list of top universities. The university is well-known for its academic reputation. Stanford University has created many start-ups and entrepreneurs. It is also responsible for the surroundings of Silicon Valley. Great things are offered to students at this place and thi large campus is home to 700 buildings, alongside recreational centres, gardens, and museums. 17 Nobel laureates are connected with this university. 

  • University of Oxford

For the fifth running year, this prestigious university of UK has made its place in this list. It is the oldest university in the UK and is very popular around the world. Being one of the best universities, more than 20,000 students are there in the university. As per some reports, more than 95% of graduates are employed within six months so completing their studies. 

  • California Institute of technology (Caltech)

The small size of this university is its striking feature. Only about 1,250 postgraduates and 1,000 graduates are enrolled in Caltech. This college proudly boasts a high ratio of student-to-staff. The main aim of this college is to foster an interdisciplinary environment so that students can tackle the technological problems or fundamental scientific at much ease. 

  • Harvard University

Harvard University has gained its positions back in the list of top universities around the world. It is one of the most prestigious universities around the world. For nine consecutive years, Harvard University has topped this list. It was established in 1636 and is the oldest in the country. 45 Nobel laureates are connected with Harvard University. 

  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology

MIT has again made its place in this list owing to its employer reputation, academic reputation, and citations per faculty member. The institute was established in the mid-19th century and is always admired for providing financial help to students on the basis of needs. The admission process of the university is very selective, so you have to work hard to get there. 


I hope this list will help you to choose the best option for your studies. After selecting your favourite university, make JetBlue reservations and fly there at pocket-friendly fares. 



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