Top 3 Techniques That Will Change iPhone App Development in Near Future

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Top 3 Techniques That Will Change iPhone App Development in Near Future

In the last few years, iPhone app development has shown tremendous improvement. Everyone wants to take advantage of its innovative changes and create a custom iPhone app for its customers. These apps thrive on making products significantly better.


It is stated that in the next few years, it is about to get changed prominently due to the lightning-fast speed of innovations. In recent times we can see approximately 2,100,000 iOS apps available in the App Store. By looking at these stats, we can see that there is a right amount of iPhone app developers to come up with creative things and make their way in this competitive world. Today in this article, let’s see what changes iPhone app development can observe in the future and how app developers can use them.


Three Ways iPhone App Development Will Change In a Few Years


Apple is known for adopting new technologies and launching new features in mobile app development. Let’s see what the techniques that can change the way iPhone apps are being created are.


●    Augmented Reality


Augmented Reality (AR) is a technology that can change the way an application is being developed. Applications like Lenskart are the best example of it. They allow the users to try on frames virtually because of their AR technology features.


Besides Lenskart, AR is also used in the very popular game Pokemon Go.  With the use of AR, the iPhone developers can also provide a shopping app that enables the users to try on clothes virtually and see how they will look on them.


●    Integration With AI


When we talk of Artificial Intelligence (AI), we can say that after a long stage of development, it is now finally in a phase where app developers can use it in many applications. For instance, voice assistants like Siri. iOS was the first platform to launch a voice assistant.


Siri entirely works on the principles of AI as it keeps recording things as instructed, and it also allows the user to send messages and make calls. Besides Siri, many other applications in iOS can be made smart with the integration of AI.


Artificial Intelligence also has another part which is called Machine Learning (ML). It is because of ML that the apps and the device become smarter as people keep using it. This is something that can bring a revolution in the iPhone mobile app development industry.


●    Integration With IoT


Internet of Things (IoT) is around form the last few years, but it has already improved the mobile industry pretty well. With the integration of iPhone apps with IoT, Apple can create something that can help users open doors, switch on the lights, television, and speakers through the apps.


It is estimated that, within some time, IoT-based iPhone apps will be used extensively by common people. These apps can enable products to communicate with each other. This communication can be secured.




These were the top three technologies that can help iPhone developers create something unique and user-friendly with a human touch. Besides these, there are some other fields like core Machine Learning, Apple Pay, and more on which the developers can work. If you want an iPhone app for your business that is developed using one of these technologies, then feel free to contact OpenXcell, the iPhone applications development company


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