How To Start Blogging Website 

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How To Start Blogging Website 

If you’re thinking of starting a publicly viewable blog, you’ve got a couple of critical decisions to form. I will be able to sum them over here an add my opinion along the way.

Self-hosted vs Free

Self-hosted requires some money to start out. there’s a less costly way and a costlier way. WordPress with one among their recommended hosts will cost around $85/year. A less costly way is to use Blogger and buy a website name through them for $10/year, and it’ll still be hosted for free of charge.

You’ll get to choose a website name too. you’ll use your name or something clever or catchy. I prefer to ascertain people use their names for private blogging, so it becomes a hub and electronic portfolio for his or her online presence. Choose that route if you plan to take care of knowledgeable presence online together with your new blog.

One reason to think about a special name is that if you would like to create a community around a selected topic. Then it might help if you had a keyword in your site name. The free Google Keyword Tool is useful therein case. For brainstorming self-hosted site names inspect NameBoy and InstantDomainSearch.

Free blogging is out there , too, and takes about 5 minutes to urge started. The biggies are or WordPress. Both are excellent options. I suggest you check both sites, see blogs build with each, and see which appeals to you most. I do consider WordPress has had the higher potential to grow with you, but which will be just my personal bias. I even have used both platforms, though.

Comments or Not?

A blog doesn’t need to have comments turned on. many of us love having comments, though because the feedback or interaction is effective to them.

I usually don’t take comments on my blogs mainly because I even have no interest in moderating them, but also i prefer to encourage people to line up their blogs. There are a couple of reasons i feel it’s suitable for people to possess their blogs.

It helps you develop your online presence and private brand.
It encourages learning about online technology.

You don’t need permission to mention what you’d wish to say (many blog owners moderate the comments that are available deciding who gets through and who doesn’t).

It helps you practice creating –which doesn’t only need to be done through writing…for example, you’ll have a blog of photos, you’ll have a vlog (video blog), otherwise you could have an audio blog (aka podcast).

The Rest of the Story

Even after you opt on these initial choices, there are still other decisions to form like choosing the design of your blog and the way to arrange information. As you post to your blog, you’ll start developing your style, which can happen because the process rolls along. Then you’ll got to choose a posting schedule and topics to write down about. there’s a learning curve whatever route you select but consider starting a blog to be the start of an adventure!

I began posting just one occasion a month a couple of years ago on this viewable blog, and that i can recommend it as a low-stress thanks to begin. If you would like to start out even smaller though, you’ll do microblogging with Twitter, Tumblr, or Posterous, which are all easy and free.

And if you’ve got tons of content but aren’t ready to reach your audience, contact a content strategy agency to assist you out with effective viewable blog content and marketing strategies.


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