Shopperheads, Brace yourself and get ready to buy these amazing things from your Vietnam Trip 2020


Vietnam Shopping Guide- You must not miss these things while shopping in Vietnam. The Vietnamese market is calling for you…

Every Globetrotter loves shopping as much as they love traveling. Being a traveler people love to collect souvenirs and gifts for their friends and family. Shopping is indeed a perfect option to delve into the culture of a place you are in for your holidays. Vietnam is a famous nation due to its diverse culture and lovely people. After your long Vietnam discovery vacation, when it’s almost time for you to leave and go back to your original habitat, the last thing left to do is collecting memorable souvenirs for yourself as well as your loved ones. Vietnam can never be short of handicrafts, traditional clothes, and many other shopping items. This article will help you get a check-list of things that a shopaholic must buy from his\her Vietnam Trip.

Ao Dai- A blend of elegance and style. 

Fashion Highlight of Women in Vietnam

Ao Dai is a dress that combines a long tight fit dress with styling long pants giving out a mixture of elegance and style. It is the National costume of Vietnamese women. This dress is so familiar yet fashionable and can be found in almost every local boutique in Vietnam. But if you are into the authentic ones, you should go to a local tailor and get it designed by them yourself. The Hoi An city is well-known for its vocational Tailoring. You can choose from a massive collection of textures and fabric to have your own tailored Ao dai. Hence this will be a must-buy in your check-list.

Enchanting Vietnamese Lanterns

Handcrafted symbols of the Vietnamese culture

You might encounter some shops filled with colorful Lanterns while on the roads of Vietnam. Every local house in Hoi An may have a lovely colored Lantern hanging in the main front. Vietnam is probably the most famous place for these items because of their materials to make these beautiful Lanterns. They use silk or brocade to make these Lanterns, and each one has different designs, shapes, and colors. Make your KLM Reservations to visit Vietnam and know that Bringing these as a souvenir from your Vietnam trip will be the best gift for your family and loved ones in this hustling 2020.

Vietnamese Silk or Lua

Eye-catchy-,high fashion Material

Silk is known to be the most luxurious material all over the world, generally worn by high-class imperials. Designers in Vietnam use Silk to make High-end Fashinalble products for fashion shows and brands. Even though Chinese, Italian and Japanese silks have a reputable name in the silk industry, the Vietnamese Silk is one of a kind in the region. The traditional women costume, Ao Dai, is sometimes made of Silk. Just go to some villages in Vietnam that have traditional products, and you can find high-end silk. Since silk is widely sold in Vietnam, you can also find it in any local market or silk store,

Appetizing Dried Fruits

Hanoian Speciality

O mai or simply Dried Fruits are the specifics of Hanoi city. Scrumptious Fruits Dried and then salted or sugared, mixed with other various spices to give a finger-licking flavor. Shpperheads may find a large number of food stalls in Hanoi selling out these tasty Dried fruits, and they prove to be one of the best and must-buy things from Vietnam.

Conical Hats or Non la

The Iconic Culture Definition

Conical hats, also called straw hats, are a symbol of Vietnam for long. It arose from the Culture of Rice growing in Vietnam and a legend related to it. They are shaped like cones and made from bamboo cataphylls, palm leaves, or both. Buying these hats from a local market in Vietnam will be the best souvenir for your trip back to your home, and you can gift these to your family.

If you want to buy authoritative Vietnamese silks, ornaments, and antiques, please make sure you have completed your research and visited well-known brands to avoid being deceived. Next time you travel to Vietnam, be sure to make a Turkish Airlines Reservations and make room for these shopping items. Your friends will definitely expect at least one of them.


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