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Main Product


PIC has flexible body, so you can transform into any shape and can be easily handle under different situation.
Featuring high-quality 1080p30F and 720p30F video and 8 mega pixel.
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Pure White
Rose Quartz
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Joe, Bob & Jack can make your PIC unique.
Let's all be trend-setter with FRANK & FRIENDS
I May Seem Cute, But I'm Tough!
Did your PUC get out in the rain? No waterproof case? No problem. PIC is highly splash resistant and can withstand day-to-day water exposure. You can even wash PIC in running water. However, as PIC is SPLASH PROOF please don't submerge PIC in water for prolonged perios of time.
User Experience Simplified
PIC is contolled through it's simple one-button control. PIC is as easy to use as a selfie-stick but comes equipped with multifunction capabilities!
8MP Sensor From Sony /
1080p 30f Full HD /
135 Degrees Wide Angle /
Reinforced glass
Do you not believe that this small camera offers excellent quality? You should start believing because PIC has the smallest wide-angle camera lenses. With each picture and video PIC takes, you'll get to relive those moments again.
Experience What PIC Sees Through Your Mobile Device!
You can have a whole new experience by connecting PIC with your smartphone via WiFi direct and BLE 4.0. You can view footage real time through PIC, take pictures and videos remotely, and transfer data from PIC. In addition, you can immediately upload your pictures and videos to your social media accounts like Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat.
Frank and His Friends
Are you curious about who of Frank's friends is coming out next? You are welcome to design and share your character designs wth us.
Bend-it, Wind-it, Play-it
There is no change on design of cameras until today. In addition, action cam products in latest POV (Point-of-View) market still remain cubic-like design. Because of PIC's unique characteristic design with the flexibility and robustness, PIC can be used without using mounting kit. Therefore, it has become possible to record any lifestyle action that people could not record previously. PIC can be used to record any lifestyle action up-to extreme action by normal users.
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