QuickBooks Error Code 6129


When the verification of the database connection fails or inability to access the company files. In that case, the QuickBooks Error Code 6129 appears on the screen. This error obstructs users to acquire company reports and records. There are several errors of this type such as QuickBooks Error H202, QuickBooks Error 3371, etc.

Possible Causes for the QuickBooks Error Code 6129

Following are the causes of this issue:

  • Usability of the older version of QuickBooks.
  • Files are shared with some corrupted network.
  • Domain server and client-server issue.
  • The network data file gets damaged.

Methods to fix QuickBooks Error Code 6129

Method 1. Windows Administrator Login

  • Firstly, Try to open the company file. 
  • Then, Log-in to Windows Administrator in System.
  • If you are unable to log-in, seek professional help.

Method 2. Disable Anti-virus if you are using Windows on Safe-mode

  • First, Start the desktop in a safe-mode.
  • Secondly, If there is active anti-virus software, disable it.
  • Add a new company report.
  • After that, Restart the desktop in Normal mode.
  • Open QuickBooks application and the company report.

Method 3. Rename Network Files of QuickBooks

  • Firstly, Open the folder that contains your company file.
  • Then, Find a file with an extension ‘.nd’ on your hard drive.
  • Right-click the old company file and choose ‘Rename’.
  • Nextly, Enter the new name with an extension ‘.OLD’ and click Next.
  • Go to Windows Start Button and Proceed to QuickBooks from Programs.
  • Choose the ‘Scan Folder’ tab.
  • If there is no existing folder, create a new one.
  • Choose the ‘Scan’ Tab.
  • Click ‘Exit’ after the scan finished.
  • At last, you can open the company file.

Method 4. Move the company file to any other location.

  • Firstly, Add a ‘New Folder’.
  • Select the necessary company records and reports and move them to the new folder.
  • If you are using two or more computers, then go to QuickBooks DataBase Server Manager from QuickBooks Application.
  • Click ‘Scan Folder’.
  • If there is no existing folder, create a new one.
  • Then, select the ‘Scan’ Tab.
  • After the scan finish, Close the application.
  • Open the company reports and files.


Note: If changing the folder and file name doesn’t work, then try to transform the file location.



This article covers maximum possible instructions and information about the QuickBooks Error Code 6129. Similar errors can also occur like QuickBooks Error H202 or QuickBooks Error 3371. If you still get any queries or want professional help, you can reach out to this number which is available 24/7: 1-877-349-3776.

You can also reach out by visiting their website, QuickBooks Enterprise Support.


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