Monitoring , Spying and Real Life 

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Monitoring, Spying and Real Life 


James Bond, Jason Bourne, Jack Reacher and so many more characters introduced by Hollywood have left a mark in our heads. Surveillance and monitoring is often referred towards spying and thus the first thing that comes to our head is spying. Spying only seems cool in a big budget Hollywood movie and in real life we dont fancy it much. So at Staff Timer App we had a deep long look at the ways how employees might feel uncomfortable when it comes to employee monitoring. 

Considering the issues regarding the employee monitoring we came up with a research, in a sense, of our own. In this blog we identify the reasons, such reasons that make an employee feel spied upon. Now this might not be a Michael Mann film script exactly but if you keep on reading you will agree to most of it. 

So here are a few types of monitoring that makes you feel like you are being spied upon. 


Surveillance apps


A lot of employee monitoring is into surveillance of data. They access cameras and microphone remotely; this shows a deficit of trust. Such an environment is toxic in nature and an employee can never thrive in such an environment,  and must be condemned if this is the scenario in your workplace it is advisable that you request a change in the app. 

The biggest issue an employee has that they hate being monitored or surveyed over and over again. Bigger organizations mostly hate time wasters and to do so they use surveillance apps to comply. Surveillance is something that is not appreciated by anybody. This is the first type of monitoring where incognito modes and keeps on working in the back. It feels as if someone is keeping an eye. This especially annoys a user or team member as it makes them feel like if they are not trusted enough. An employee is best productive when they are trusted enough. 


Slavery app and monitoring all in one 


The biggest mistake an owner can do is get the services if a slavery app when all they required is a time tracker or a task tracker. To get the maximum out of the team they opt for a strict version of it, that version is only concerned with employee day activity they get no respite from it. Slavery apps or apps that promulgate slave traditions on employees. The word it self resonates towards the slave markets and online slave trade that is being carried out in middle-east. However it is not the same thing. Here the word “ slavery app” refers to the applications or softwares used by employers to breach the privacy of their employee. 

Employee monitoring and employee privacy are divided by a very thin line. The important thing is that you keep the difference alive. 

So how to identify these apps, it is important that owners or CEO’s or employers also know this difference because if your employee is not happy, your business is not going to do very well either.


URL tracking


In simple terms it means that every site that your employee visits will be seen by you. This is pure surveillance and slavery in the name monitoring. There is nothing more repulsive than that. This kind of off topic surveillance is really annoying for the employee it not only kills the employee productivity but also has a negative impact on the employee. 


Behavior monitoring


There is a specific monitoring technique that is kind of useful but also exclusive. It is called the behavior assessment of an employee. It is not necessarily a sort of annoying monitoring technique because the employees are not even aware of the fact that there is such type of monitoring being done. The employer analyses the behavior of the employee through their usage and all they keep a record of logins and log out and check if there is a pattern emerging. 


Task tracking 


There is a softer version of monitoring that is only concerned with tracking your tasks. Task tracking only tracks the work done on task and does not consider your youtube or facebook or socializing time important. It only calculates the time spent on tasks assigned to the employee. 


Real-time monitoring 


This is something that is not synonyms to many apps. The word “monitoring” is something that is not friendly towards an employee as they consider it as a breach in their security. Real time monitoring is a feature that allows you to monitor the screen of your employee in real time. This is mainly used to keep sensitive data secure as it will be used by employees. 


So these are a few types of budget Hollywood movie monitoring that are supposedly uncomfortable towards the employee as they give a vibe of mistrust. No employee would want to work in an atmosphere that is toxic and that kills their productivity. 



Whenever the words “Employee monitoringis uttered we jump to a similar conclusion that it is nothing more than a corporate slavery app. However it might be not all untrue but there are limitations to it also. You cannot argue that amid remote budget Hollywood movie work employee monitoring has become part and parcel of your job. One must understand the perspective of the employer too, you are using and handling sensitive information that too being remote. So one can safely assume that there is no need to make fuss regarding an employee monitoring app as it not only keeps you safe but also your integrity remains safe. 

However the budget Hollywood movie employee perspective cannot be ignored either. Employees refer to monitoring apps as a breach in privacy. This is not entirely wrong? The truth however differs. Employee monitoring might be a breach of security but the thing is no organisation wants to risk their data and time wasting. To get through the day productively it might be considered as a thing of necessity. Monitoring is a thing of the future but to keep it moral is the biggest question you must not employ apps that have incognito mode in them, apps which keep on running in the back, apps which record URL usage and skims personal data. All these apps must be discouraged, whereas in all necessity all you need is an app that tracks your tasks, generates automated payroll and can make automated timesheets.


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