List of Best Makeup Artists for a Wedding in Delhi

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According to a report published, the Indian wedding industry was set to reach a market size of staggering Rs.45,000 crore in 2020, owing to its annual projected growth rate of 25-30%. This figure does not really come by as a surprise, given the fact that Indian weddings are well known for their grandeur, with families spending lakhs on ceremonies spread across a 3-4 day celebration.
Given the scale of weddings in India, it is only natural that they involve extensive planning and attention to detail. In this regard, choosing a makeup artist for the bride can be one of the tasks that demand quite a lot of research. Furthermore, to avail the services of the best makeup artist, one must also make the bookings well before the date of the ceremony.
To make things easier, following is a list of the most notable makeup artists in Delhi whose skills can proffer the much talked about ‘bridal glow’ on your wedding day.

Top bridal makeup artists in Delhi
Choosing one from thousands of available makeup artists for your wedding can be quite a daunting task. Furthermore, since hiring a makeup artist involves investing a substantial chunk of the wedding’s budget, prospective brides want to avail top bridal makeup packages in India, which provide them with value for their money.
With such requirements in sight, the following is a list of the best makeup artist in Delhi, who are renowned for working out wedding looks befitting the requirements of every bride.
● Manjari Singh
Renowned for drawing up fresh-faced, dewy looks for several Bollywood A-listers, Manjari Singh has learned her craft from The London School of Makeup. Operating from Gurgaon, Singh does not only bridal makeup, but also hair as well. In 2019, her rates for bridal makeup packages stood at around Rs.50,000.
● Chandni Singh
Owner of the beauty brand Cs Essentials, Chandni Singh has become the go-to name for brides in Delhi in recent years. With professional credits of 14 years, Singh also conducts workshops and courses for budding artists looking to learn the craft.
Her bridal speciality involves focusing on the individual’s eyes and face-cut to give them a look befitting for the grand day. Singh charges between Rs.35,000 – Rs.40,000 depending on the makeup package one opts for.
● Jasmeet Kapani
The most notable factor of Jasmeet Kapani’s bridal looks that sets her apart from the rest is that she focuses on giving a healthy and natural glow to the bride’s skin. Kapani has been in this profession for 7 years and specialises in minimalist bridal looks. However, if you are looking to hire her services for your special day, you must make an appointment at least 3 months prior to the wedding date. The charges for her bridal makeup start at Rs.65,000.
● Deepa Verma
Deepa Verma is one of the aces of the industry, famous for creating stand-out looks on the likes of several Bollywood stars. Known especially for her understated glam looks, Verma offers her services as a bridal makeup artist on a freelance basis. She charges around Rs.1.5 lakh for an entire bridal makeup package.
● Komal Gulati
One of the best makeup artists in Delhi, Gulati has been in the profession for 18 odd years. She is well known for creating stunning bridal looks, with the high point of each look being a subtle definition to the bride’s cheekbones. To hire her services for your special day, you will have to shell out around Rs.60,000.
These are five of the top bridal makeup artists in Delhi who can give you the best makeovers for the wedding day.
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How can a loan against property help to meet wedding-related expenses?
Best Makeup Artist in Delhi

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