Kraft Sleeves are an Affordable packaging solution for handmade soaps

Handmade soaps

Kraft Sleeves are an Affordable packaging solution for handmade soaps


Handmade soaps are quite delicate and just like any other product they have to win the league of survival for a business. Usually, handmade soaps manufacturers are entrepreneurs whose budget is limited. Every handmade soap manufacturer’s fears about getting its product damaged during shipment. Kraft sleeves are the only and best solution for all sorts of packaging needs for handmade soap manufacturers. These boxes are economical which makes them perfect for business where there is not much influx of cash. Custom packaging can be financial deprivation for small handmade soap manufacturers but due to cheap price of Kraft sleeves they have solves every packaging problem

 Why use Kraft sleeve box: 

Sleeves highlight the packed item and look trendy which lures the customers to buy the product. Kraft sleeves can be used to brand the soaps without spending big amounts on custom boxes. Branding doesn’t mean you have to spend hefty amounts on the packaging. Sleeve boxes are without ends and look like cylinders. However, they can be customized just like any other box. These boxes offer wider room for branding elements, logos, and product details.

Affordable yet professional: 

Kraft is a very cheap material which is available everywhere in the market. This material is made from wood pulp. Kraft sleeves allow you to use cheap boxes and brand your soaps easily. Affordable doesn’t mean you need to compromise on packaging quality. Kraft is a very durable material that protects your soaps from any mishap and mishandling.

Small businesses need to invest their money wisely so ditch custom boxes wholesaleand at the early stages of your handmade soap manufacturing use Kraft sleeves that will perfectly fit your product.

Sleeve boxes take less printing paper so it’s more effective than a six-sided custom box, which uses more paper and ink.

Allows interaction with soaps: 

Kraft sleeves wrap around the soap bar which makes soap visible for customers. Customers know beforehand what they will be getting. The beautiful texture and flamboyant colors of handmade soap attract customers which would otherwise be hidden inside a closed box. Showcasing soap is very vital for the success of handmade soap business. The fragrance of soap can be smelled which increases the rush of soap lovers on your handmade soap shelf.

Gives soaps a natural feel: 

Kraft soap sleeves protect the soap from dirty hands and damage. The organic look of your Kraft sleeves adds charm to your handmade soap. Kraft sleeves are recyclable and reusable. Kraft sleeves are very durable and yield beautiful results in printing machines. You can use amazing finishing options such as foiling, stamping, etc. to give your Kraft sleeves a super elegant appeal.


Kraft sleeves are eco-friendly and sustainable options that leave a positive impression on customer’s minds. Your handmade soap business will be viewed as responsible and environment-conscious business which will untimely increase customers trusts and your profits

Best quality for your soaps:

The main purpose of packaging is to safely transport the packed time. Customers love products that stay in their original shape and are of great quality. Kraft sleeves have superior quality. They can withstand heat, humidity, shock, etc. so your products will stay intact in transit and customer will always get the best quality soap.

Kraft sleeves are one of the most effective ways to present your handmade soaps in an impact-full way. Kraft sleeves along with branding elements promote your business. The visual appeal of your soaps is enhanced. So glam up your handmade soap in beautiful, cost-effective, and eco-friendly Kraft sleeves to create an everlasting impression on customers’ minds. These sleeves will grab you maximum market share and your revenue will be increasedz



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