International inbound express Canada post

    International inbound express Canada post

    Canada Post is a Canadian postal and mail company. Canada Post is one of Canada’s largest employers, too. More than 50,000 employees worked for Canada Post, and more than 9 billing pieces of mail were sent to more than 16 million addresses.
    Post Canada provides its customers with verities of facilities. These include letters, ads, grams of money, and grams of airmail paper. Their service is so reliable not only for Canada but also for international deliveries.
    This postal service is of great international importance. A consortium of businesses called the Canada Post Corporation is effectively running the entire business. In this article, we will be addressing Canada’s post on international inbound mail.

    International inbound express

    International inbound express is a courier which courier provides their services to one country to another country. To deliver one country to another, the courier company must provide a tracking service so that each customer can track the product. Once your product has been given to international inbound express, you can make sure that your product is now on the way to the destination country.

    Tracking international package with Canada Post

    Canada Post has the facilities to track any packages. Any international inbound express and outbound express can be tracked by Canada post tracking system. To track any parcel, you just need to collect the Canada post tracking number and follow the shipment status.
    The very first thing you should do is to find the tracking number. You will be able to find the tracking number on your receipt or package. Canada Post will provide you with the tracking number in your email, phone number, and money receipt. You just need to collect the tracking number.
    When you have the tracking number, just go to the official page of Canada post and find the search box to track the package. Then enter your tracking number and hit the enter button to track your parcel. Thus, you will be able to track your package.

    The duration for international delivery

    Canada post is cheaper than any other delivery service out there. Even FedEx is much expensive when you want to deliver some parcels. That’s why Canadians prefer to use the Canada post mailing service. The duration time for international delivery is also much faster than any other International courier service out there.
    The duration time for international delivery from Canada to another country is like 7 working days. But for local delivery, it just takes two days to deliver the product or parcel to your door. From Canada to the USA, there is a fixed standard time to deliver a regular parcel or mail, which is 4 to 6 working days.
    Custom clearance
    For many countries, customs clearance for your product is the main hassle. But Canada is not like other countries. For an international inbound package, you will have to spend not more than 20 minutes to clear your package from customs.
    Once your custom broker has permission to let you in the customs within 20 minutes, you will receive your package in your hand. Customs of Canada is one of the fastest processing customs in the world.

    Shipping international inbound express
    Shipping an international inbound express in Canada post is easy. You just need to follow the instructions.
    • To ship an international inbound express in Canada post, you just need to open the mail tab, and you have to open the print on the button to select the page size.
    • The second thing you should do is to put the destination country.
    • After putting the destination country, you have to put the delivery address, including house no, road no, postal code, and the contact number of the receiver.
    • The next thing you should do is weigh your package with the digital postal scale. In the display, the weight of the package will be automatically displayed. Just note down the weight of the package.
    • You will have to go to the service drop-down menu choose which service you want from the USPS list.
    • You have to provide another extra insurance to deliver high-value shipments.
    • You also have to provide the information of the contents inside your package.
    • You also need to provide an external transaction number for safety reasons
    • After that you will have to provide all the information related to the package like the weight of the box, what’s inside the container, the number of contents etc
    • After completing all the steps correctly, save all the information.
    • Canada post will start the shipment process that day when you are completing the information form. If you are shipping that day, just change the shipping day.
    • After that, print a copy of the receipt of the shipment from where you will get the tracking number so that you can track your package easily.
    Things you should do if your product is stuck on custom
    Your international inbound express can get stuck in the customs for many reasons. But you have to patient, give your custom broker some time he will be able to release your package. Yes, it will take time. You can do a few things if your package is stuck on custom.
    • Don’t forget to contact the 3PL provider. This is the first thing you should do. Just call the seller or sender about the customs problem. So that they can check if they made a mistake or not.
    • The second thing you should do is contact your carrier. There should not be any problem with the shipping process if you are dealing with international inbound express Canada post.
    • Make sure you don’t have any outstanding payments
    • Make sure all the paperwork’s are okay, and there is no paperwork missing
    • If all the essential document is okay, the very last thing you can do is just wait and try.
    To conclude that we can say the Canada post is one of the best mailing systems in Canada. Canada post also handles international inbound express, which is so reliable. The popularity of the Canada post is not fake;the service, cost and reliability can see it.


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