How to start your content writing company

content writing company

How to start your content writing company

The year 2020, brought in good news not just for influencers by for content writers too. With the recent update by Google, the requirement for lengthy and quality content increased rapidly. If the trend is to be believed, content writers are making approximately Rs. 80,000 to 1,50,000 per month just by producing content in demand.

Here’s how you can kick start your own content writing company and keep your bank account happy.

  1. Work on generating leads for content writing assignments

Chalking out a rough plan will always work in your favour. Do a little Google search to check other content writing company’s services. To start with you can offer services like website content writing, blogs and article writing, press releases writing, social media marketing content, brochure content, etc.


Once you have finalized your services, get set to compose an email template that you can send to prospects to seek projects. For obvious reasons, an email that contains samples of previous work done may receive positive responses. Since you are just starting, you should not lose hope. There is a solution to every problem on this planet. While you are in the process of fetching projects, a parallel task should be to keep finding freelance content writers and ask for their previous work. Always do business in the right manner. Let your writer know that you will be sharing their work to get assignments. A transparent business relationship goes on for years.


Now that your email template is ready, start finding sources to get content requirement leads. Turn around your head and you will see text written. Someone somewhere must have written it and must have made money. Appliance covers, magazine pages, banners, posters everywhere there is content. So, who should you approach for content writing projects? One popular way is to phone call a company and request to connect with the right person who deals in marketing. Various content writing companies simply Google search and find the email id and contact number. Try a simple Google search – “Manufacturing Companies in India”. Know what are the various other ways to generate content writing leads.


  1. A business agreement is a must

Once you start to receive responses to your emails, now is the time you get yourself prepared for negotiations. Interested clients will straightaway ask for rates. Depending upon what your freelance writers will charge, keep your profit margins and quote a doable rate. Industry standards followed by professional writers vary between Rupee 1 to Rupee 3 per word. A deal done should be followed by an agreement that needs to be signed and stamp sealed by both parties.


Usually, corporate companies would have their own format of an agreement that they share with their vendors. Ensure the agreement contains clauses related to the scope of work, payments, and state of legal proceedings. Know why an agreement is important in a content writing business.


  1. Accept projects on advance payments

Most of the time if you are known to the client or you’ve been referred by a trusted person, you can expect to receive advance payments. Popular content writers are well aware of a blur but a factual side of this industry and hence they never accept projects without advance payments. Since you are someone who is just starting, you can atleast request. Someone has rightly said, how will you get it if you don’t ask for it.


  1. Write on your own or hire freelancers

When you write for the project yourself, the 100% payment you receive stays with you. However, if think you are not someone who can manage writing, your freelance hired writer will do the magic.


  1. Register a proprietorship company

You don’t want to let go of a project just because you do not have a registered company. Registering a company is easy. Just the necessary paperwork and you can get going. Catch a CA who can help you register aproprietorship company.


  1. Get a company’s bank account

A client feels that he is working with a trusted name if you hold a current account. Check with a bank that is ready to open a current account where you do not have to pay a heavy amount for maintaining a minimum balance.


  1. Get a friend to do extra necessary daily tasks

When you run a company and have a lot of projects in hand, there are various daily tasks that pop up. Some need immediate execution. You obviously would not want to get into everything. Hence, you would need someone who can be a quick help at the time of your need. Some of these tasks may be getting your visiting cards printed, getting the company stamp made, preparing proposal documents, finding a right CA, getting a small one-page website built, etc.


  1. Speak to a CA for taxations and a lawyer in confidence

Government norms have become strict in 2020 for even small companies. Keep your tax filing uptodate. A lawyer may be of great help when you feel the need to get into legalities with companies you are working with. The content industry is full of stories telling about clients not paying for the work done.


  1. Subscribe to Plagiarism Check Tool

No work should be delivered incomplete. Your content assignment is incomplete unless you have run it through a plagiarism check tool. Know how does a plagiarism tool works and how can it be helpful to you.




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