How Do You Fix a Warm refrigerator and Cold Freezer?


In case you have a warm refrigerator and a cold freezer, we have just the DIY tips that you could use to do some fridge repairing right at the comfort of your home.

That is right, all you have to do is keep an eye out for the most basic of things and find the most suitable solution for whatever the issue is to make sure that you can get your fridge and freezer in their best working conditions again.

And we are here to help you just with that. So, here are a few tips that will surely help you to make your way through finding out what is wrong with a refrigerator is not cooling and a freezer that is cold just so you can fix it in the best way possible.

Start with a basic inspection

Sometimes the issue lies right in front of your eyes and you just need to focus on the basics. Always start with doing a foolproof inspection of your appliance with the help of its manual to make sure that everything is in its place. Once done, make sure to check the working components of your fridge to make sure that everything is in good condition and working how it is supposed to. By doing this you will be able to catch any problems that might be easy for the eye to see and even if that is not possible, then you would be able to troubleshoot the issue that is making your appliance not work in its proper way.

Check for blockage over the evaporator fan

Usually, the cold air from the freezer is transported to the fridge through an evaporator fan. This helps to keep the freezer temperature from overcooling and allows the fridge to function in a cool condition too. However, usually, this process does not take place if the fan is not working properly. So, make sure you check for any possible blockage that may be present over the evaporator fan of your appliance that might not let the cold air from the freezer reach the fridge.

The Defrost system may be faulty

One of the most important reasons that lead to a cold freezer and warm fridge is the inability of the defrost system to get rid of any unnecessary ice formation that might take place in the fridge. This leads to the temperature of the freezer dropping down more and that makes the functionality of the evaporator fan poorer, hence leading to a warm fridge too. So, make sure you fix the defrost system regularly in case lots of ice gets accumulated in your freezer.

Your appliance needs cleaning

Lastly, one of the greatest things to look after is the cleanliness of your appliance to make sure that it is working well and good. An appliance that is filled with dirt and debris in no way does an efficient job at cooling the things that are in it, so make sure that you get your fridge cleaned regularly from inside out.

And with these simple tips, you can surely take care of your refrigerator repairing and make sure that you get to fix your refrigerator that is not cooling and a freezer that is too cold.



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