Hire Node.js Developers Over PHP for Your Backend Technological Needs

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Node.js entered the market in 2009, and it extended the scope of JavaScript when it came to software development. Ever since its inception, its users have surged extensively. Esteemed names like Uber, Netflix, and LinkedIn praise Node.js widely. When you hire Node.js developers over PHP developers for your software development needs, you embrace one of the most dynamic, growing backend technologies for your business.

Before the advent of Node.js, the web development scenario is different. PHP was the King of software development for a long time. It was loved by developers and super successful in its own right. Now, the tables have reversed, and developers worldwide are currently using PHP with Node.js for their web development needs. Thanks to its unique features, Node.js is gaining immense popularity, and this post will look into the reasons.

Hire Node.js developers to get a strategic edge

Both PHP and Node.js are leading backend technologies for your web development needs. They do come with their share of pros and cons. To obtain the maximum benefits from both these technologies, you need to know more above them before you can make a comparison:

• PHP- PHP was introduced to web developers in 1994. It focuses on the server-side, and it means Hypertext Preprocessor as it is processed uniquely with the help of an interpreter. You can embed PHP into HTML or HTML5 markups. This feature makes it extremely popular for any web development project. It is flexible and caters to almost 80% of your server-side scripting needs.

• Node.js- This framework deploys JavaScript for all your server-side web application development needs. It is open-source and runs on the V8 Js engine of Google. Corporate giants like Microsoft, PayPal, and LinkedIn use Node.js technology that is popular primarily because of its excellent tools and in-built support for service. Developers working with Node.js need to use the syntax for both frontend and backend development.

Choosing the right Software Development Company

Now, you know what PHP and Node.js are. However, when it comes to your unique web application needs, which one should you use? Before going into the details, make sure you choose a suitable software development company with skilled experts for your project needs.

When it comes to using PHP, one should look at its benefits for a web application development project:

1. Rich database of resources perfect for users of WordPress.
2. Hassle-free framework for database and HTML management.
3. Can run the PHP script on any server without problems.


1. PHP does not give you real-time solutions.

Now, let us take a look at Node.js and its pros and cons-

1. Modern and advanced technology
2. Full support from the global community of developers
3. Simple to use
4. Perfect for real-time web applications


1. Not great for massive and more significant files
2. Offerings are much less than PHP for the prime reason that it is relatively new in the market in the field of web application development.

When you need to create a real-time web application, it makes sense to bank on Node.js for the task. You can easily re-use codes for multiple jobs when you work with it. Another plus point of Node.js over PHP for real-time web apps is that it can handle many users without hassles. Last but not least, if you are searching for a fast web application for your end-users, choosing Node.js over PHP is smart.

When should you hire PHP web developers?

You should hire PHP web developers when-

• You are building an e-commerce site or a blog with a content management system.
• When you are looking for simple deployment and integration.
• Great with MySQL, Linux, Apache, and PHP.

When should you developers who know Node.js?

You should hire developers in Node.js when:

• You need to create single-page web apps
• Real-time apps like chat or instant messengers
• When you use frontend technologies like Angular and React.

In conclusion, it can be safely said that Node.js and PHP are technologies perfect for server-side scripting. They have similar advantages and a few cons that differ here and there. However, if you carefully examine both of these technologies, you will find they have been created by intelligent developers to make web application development a seamless affair.

Before you hire Node.js developers or PHP experts, you should never debate as to which one is better than the other. The key to building a successful web application is to determine what your business needs. You must understand the web application project clearly.

Once you get your basics clear, you can easily pick the right backend technology for your needs. Even if you are still unsure about the right technology to suit your custom web development needs, ensure you contact professional experts in the field. They will understand your project better and guide you step-by-step.

Take advice from both developers in PHP and Node.js for the same project, if needed, to make an informed choice to alleviate tensions with ease.


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