Google to help summer interns with open source technology


Google is a search engine and American technology company. It is a vast area coverage company across the globe. Therefore, we can say Google is globally rich. Google is backbone of many industries. For instance, internet, cloud computing, computer software, computer hardware, artificial intelligence and advertising. Google was founded on September 4, 1998. Moreover, 21 years ago in Menlo Park, California, U.S. The founders are Larry Page and Sergey Brin.

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Generally, awareness about Google everyone knows. Recently, Google and Alphabet CEO SundarPichai gave speech to class of 2020. It was an appreciable speech. Google have enormous web pages. Hence, it allows users to visit and search as many queries a person has. The services are unlimited. It perfectionist in all the circumstances. Whenever, wherever, whatever we need to know. Google is 24/7 available for the services.

Impact Of Corona Virus on Human Life

The king of the kingdom ‘Google’ is to help summer interns with open-source technology at home. As per today’s condition led by Corona virus outbreak. During lockdown, movement is totally prohibited. So, the only option is left for the people is to stay at home. Undoubtedly, if they will not work. They will not earn for livelihood. The economy will fall like water falling from mountain.
People are too much worried about their family. Students are worried about their internships/ jobs. Clearly, colleges and educational Institutes are closed right now. The exams of graduates are postponed. In addition to this, lockdown has created situations for everyone to think about future. Here, Google is helping summer interns with Open-source Technology at home. Open source technology means that its source code is freely available to use, modify, and redistribute.

Google Help Summer Interns

Almost, 43 countries across the world are for summer internship. They all are working from home. Surely, Google has proved to helpful for them. The young people joining virtually. They will be preparing open source projects. The focus will be on Internship. Open source is freely available model. Even, a non experienced person can work on this technology. However, company thinks that even if people don’t have much access to technology. They can still contribute to meaningful projects.
Moreover, the company said that the working of non experienced interns would give different impact. As the interns are not familiar with office environment. So, this can be challenging for the company. In addition to this statement, still believing young interns. It has contributed alot to open source projects like Android and Chromium etc. It is still working on many other open source technologies. Keeping it’s faith on interns which are able and capable of tackling all the projects. Google is ready to provide the support.
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Meta data:-Google is helping summer interns with open source technology at home. Thousands of youth ready to take part in summer interns.


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