Get Aside from Typical modern Europe and experience its magnificent history.


The Roots of Europe reside in its history.

Are you a globetrotter? Have you been tired of seeing the vibrant city life and modernized locations and want to explore something new? Or, Are you a History buff and want to experience the history of every place you visit? If any of these questions result in a yes in your mind, then Europe must be the perfect choice for you. Each city in Europe has a history of its own, and you’ll get to learn a lot. Most people call it the “Old World” for a reason: So far, Europe has a long and heart-rending history, from the barbaric tradition of the Roman Empire to the infinitely tragic consequences of the world war. Europe and its people have been through so many dreadful disasters and beautiful experiences both. Let’s’ take you on a quick tour of the following best Historical sites in Europe to make you feel closer to European history.

Must-see Historical Sites of Europe

Pompeii Ruins, Naples Province, Italy

If you are going to Italy, you must plan to visit one of the most interesting historical sites ever. When Vesuvius suddenly erupted, about 2000 years ago, Pompeii’s doomed city was covered in lava and volcanic ash. This caused the unfortunate residents of Pompeii to die almost immediately but created a well-preserved town. Today you can visit the prosperous Roman Empire in Pompeii and learn about daily life in 79 AD. The building still preserves people’s energy throughout the day and all items such as furniture, gold, and tools. It is undoubtedly a groundbreaking historical journey to see a city frozen in time nearly 2,000 years ago!

Anne Frank House, Holland

Anne Frank may be one of the most prominent victims of the Holocaust. He was a Jewish girl who hid with her immediate family and some relatives in the building where Anne’s father worked in Prinsengracht. Annie often referred to this now strange asylum as the “attachment” in her “Young Girl’s Diary,” It is now open to the public, which ensures a highly moving experience in one of the most famous locations related to horror. Visit Europe by making Copa Airlines Reservations and enjoy the historical sites. Besides, Anne Frank’s house is located in Amsterdam’s charming Jordaan area, which gives visitors a good reason to venture to the quieter canals.

Windsor Castle, England

Windsor Castle is just perfect to have a day trip when visiting London. This hour’s drive will make you feel as if you have returned to the era of princesses and knights hundreds of years ago! The castle was built in the 11th century, and believe it or not. It is still used as the Queen’s weekend residence today. When the queen is not coming, the castle is open to the public, where you can witness the guards’ replacement or participate in one of the many free activities.

Alhambra, Granada, Spain

Located on the outskirts, this UNESCO World Heritage fortress was reminiscent of Arab cities’ rule centuries ago. The Moorish fortress was initially built in the 9th century but turned into a magnificent palace in the 14th century. This gorgeous building is now both a palace and a fort, and its details and lush beauty are fascinating. Every year, tourists flock to this historical monument to bring them back to the spirit in time to catch a glimpse of the feeling of the 14th-century royal family.

Acropolis, Greece, Athens

This UNESCO World Heritage Site is the most famous monument of ancient Greek civilization. It is located in front of Agoria’s ruined city, where you can admire the ancient court and library. The Acropolis (an ancient symbol of democracy) was built between 447 and 438 BC. Despite its essential status, it has since been disassembled and reassembled many times. Suppose you want to take full advantage of the Acropolis’ breadth. In that case, you must visit the sculpture at the British Museum sculpture in London by making Copa Airlines Telefono and see the beauty until this cultural problem is solved.

The Colosseum, Rome, Italy

The Colosseum or the Flavian Amphitheatre is standing with a bloody and dominion history behind it. Today’s leading tourist destination used to be a massacre site where wild animals were bloodshed for people’s amusement. This continued for four centuries, and after that long period, people changed their minds; that’s when it fell into decay. Even though two-third of its part is demolished and destroyed, it still attracts a broad array of tourists every year. History enthusiasts love to see this souvenir of the Roman Empire.


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