7 Ways to Generate Content Writing Leads

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7 Ways to Generate Content Writing Leads

Identifying multiple sources of lead generation is the key to a flourishing content writing business. We spoke to many content writers to find out the top 7 lead generating ideas.


  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of the Website

The most effective yet challenging way is optimizing your website for the popular search engine. Many writers tell us that once your website starts reflecting on the search engines, it is becomes a season of raining leads. If you can beat the competition on search engines and stick there for years, there is no stopping of leads.This way of lead generation gives you inbound leads. In simple terms, you don’t have to approach prospects, but prospects themselves will find you. Know how to do the right SEO for a content writing website.


  1. Bulk Emailing to the Right Database

Make a list of prospects you want to approach via email. Do this as a daily activity to keep increasing your database. Send pre-paired emails on a daily bases because this approach may give you slow results. Since you are approaching a cold record, it is not sure whether it will hit the bull’s eye. This approach is slow but is free unless you subscribe to a bulk emailing software.


  1. Reviews from the Happy Clients

Once you have completed your project, asking for a review will keep you in the race for the long run. Taking review on phone or on your email would not lead to generating more business. Share the Google Review link you own and let your happy client give you stars and a positive comment. Google gives weightage to businesses with genuine reviews. So, don’t shy to ask for one. Know how to create a Google Business Listing Review Page.


  1. Shout About Your Content Business

Unless you tell people about what you do, how would they know? We all have a social network that comprises friends, relatives, neighbors, friend’s friend and so on. This approach of get business should be secondary as one day this source of lead generation may take a break.


  1. Hire Business Development Executives

If you have just started or do not own a high-profit business, you can simply look for an intern.


  1. Bid on Websites like freelancer.com

Learning the art of bidding and cracking a deal can be a lengthy process. While there are many websites that work on bid and bag projects, there are hundreds of bidders who are eyeing on the same project. You need to know the mantra to win projects through bidding.


  1. Keep an Eye on High Paying Brands

One of the writers we spoke to told us this interesting approach about keeping your eyes open and mind sharp all the time. She says, she immediately calls on the contact number given on the hoarding on road, banners at metro stations and pamphelet at bus stops. She believes one who can spend on the advertisement has the paying capacity. Such brands have marketing budgets and no promotion can be no content marketing.



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