Family Camping With Tents: The Holiday Adventure!

Family Camping With Tents

This year, it’s decided: you have finally managed to convince the whole family to go camping! Family camping with tents is easier than you imagine: friendly and pleasant, once you have tested it, you will not be able to do without it. If tent camping can have a slightly outdated image in your eyes, do not admit defeat in advance.
Going camping with family requires a little preparation beforehand, but you will be rewarded with an unforgettable family holiday.

Decide the Destination

Obviously, you will first have to agree on the destination: the seaside, countryside or mountain? Do not also forget to consider the services you wish to take advantage of during your family camping.
You can opt for a tent pitch in a campsite with an indoor swimming pool; so, you are prepared for rainy days. Or you can choose a place with a children’s club to offer them fun activities, with a wellness area to relax.
Your vacation on your tent camping pitch offers you many possibilities. It provides you to choose the right campsite, tent and destination for an unforgettable family holiday.
In addition to the campsite’s adventurous and family side, choosing a tent at a campsite will have a real financial interest: a campsite site will always be cheaper.

Family Camping With Tents: Choose Your Tent

Before leaving for your family holiday, you will need to take care of your new best friend: the family camping tent. Thanks to it, your stay can be unforgettable: choosing a quality camping tent means ensuring serenity during your stay.
Whatever your budget, you will find a family camping tent adapted to your needs.You can, of course, opt for a new purchase in specialized or sports stores. You can also have pleasant surprises in the garage sales, and classifieds sites. Your family tent will be your hanging point throughout your stay. There are several types to choose from, such as:
Family Tube Tents
The tube-shaped tents are perfect for hosting an entire family. In general, this type of tent structure allows them to be divided into different spaces and rooms. Almost as if it were a luxury hotel. Everyone can have the necessary privacy.
They can have two rooms or three rooms, plus a living room. And even a porch. That’s how fantastic tube shops can be. However, they are also tunnel-like in appearance.
If you want something spacious, consider these types of stores. Besides, its assembly is effortless. It only requires fixing the winds to the ground, aligned to its metal structure. Dare to buy a store like this.
Tepee Family Tents
It is not the most common design among family tents, but they are very striking. They are inspired by the shacks that Native Americans used to use centuries ago. And the little ones will be fascinated with their appearance. Currently, you can find tents with this look that have a capacity of 8 seats and more.
They are generally very stable and resistant to weather conditions. But it will depend on your number of stations. Although they are made of high resistance canvas or synthetic fibres, they can protect your interior very well.
They do not usually have divisions or rooms, but they have ample space for everyone to go to sleep. You can buy a family store tepee and recall the first settlers’ lifestyle in North America.
Igloo Family Tents
Igloo tents are really very easy to set up and require little effort. They are made of resistant materials depending on the brands. They can have a capacity of 6 or 8 people depending on the model. It is the most classic design in camping tents.
Keep in mind what you need, and decide if it can serve you on your next trip. Some have compartments inside. Also have different entrances and a porch to pass the time. That’s how versatile an igloo can be.

Choose Your Campsite
Choosing the right camping pitch is essential for your stay. Do not hesitate to call the campsite you are interested in to find out before booking your campsite. What surface? Do hedges bound it? Is it in the shade or at least semi-shaded? Is the tent site located near the entertainment for the practical side, or on the contrary, is it further away to enjoy the peace?
It is essential to determine to choose the camping site that suits you. You don’t have the time or the inclination and prefer to book your tent camping pitch online? No problem, the majority of booking sites offers a free field to fill in for certain specific indications;

The Compromise between Tent and Mobile Home

Does the prospect of a Family camping with tents seem too complicated?Know that there are compromises to enjoy nature holidays while enjoying the traditional facilities of a mobile home. By choosing a campsite with a furnished tent, you can combine comfort and modernity.It will reduce your list of preparations since it is a tent rental, and everything will be on site.
A large family tent is furnished and can even be fitted with a kitchen. Beds, table, chair, all the comfort of mobile comes in your campsite with a furnished tent. As a general rule, it offers electricity but not the connection to running water.
You can enjoy the facilities of a campsite as if you were in a tent. A tent rental is an excellent compromise to discover the joys of family camping before embarking on a family tent’s first purchase. So for your camping stay: equipped tent or family tent to pitch, your choice is made?

Final Words

Have you decided to go camping for your next vacation? Perfect! The last argument to convince you: camping is all year round! Of course, the prospect of a winter tent camping may not enchant you.But thanks to these new, unusual rentals, it is all year long that you can enjoy Family camping with tents.
If you are looking for a cheap tent campsite, choose off-season weekends, or just after: June, early July, or September. The advantage of a cheap camping pitch is that you don’t have to stay a whole week in the same place: vary the pleasures and the campsites for an unforgettable holiday.


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