Difference Between Italian And Japanese Coral Gemstone

Italian And Japanese Coral Gemstone

Italian Red Coral/Japan Red Coral Meaning and Properties

Coral is a gemstone which has been used since ancient times and till now holds the position of being a popular stone, especially, for its significance in Vedic Astrology. Coral is called Moonga in the Indian subcontinent. Coral comes in various shades of Red, White, Saffron, Black, Blue (rare). Out of all the colours, the Red Coral (Lal Moonga) is the most famous one. Italian Red Coral and Japan Red Coral come in Pale Pink, Reddish Pink to intense deep Red colours. White Coral comes second to Italian Red Coral/Japan Red Coral in popularity. The Astrological benefits and physical healing properties of Japan Red Coral and Italian Red Coral are well known and valued all over the world.
Italian Red Coral/Japan Red Coral are underwater creatures which grow in a colony over many years, gets piled on top of each other. Their mineral composition is Calcium Carbonate which are hardened skeletons of gelatinous Polyps. They flourish in the warm tropical water of seas mostly but also can grow in colder zones. Matte in its natural form, it can be polished to shine. Italian Red Coral has been worn as jewellery since ancient times. The colour of the beads in all its shades has attracted people since ancient times. These can be worn as Necklaces, Rings, Earrings, Bracelets and Earrings.
Italy is the oldest and largest producer of Coral of the Mediterranean seas. Italian Red Coral is a cut above the rest of Corals found and is preferred as an Astrological stone. Countries where Coral is found are Algeria, Tunisia, Spain, Italy, France, Corsica, Sardinia, Sicily and India.

The Italian (Japan) Red Coral is usually found cut in different shapes such as Oval, Triangle, Cushion and in Capsule-shape.
The cost of Italian Red Coral depends on the colour intensity, cut and size of the Gemstone.

Difference Between Italian and Japanese Coral Gemstone

The differences between Italian and Japanese Red Coral or to be precise, the difference is mainly because of their potency as Astrological stones:

1) Italian Red Coral is considered to be of the highest quality compared to Japan Red Coral, in the gemstone industry. It is believed that Astrological benefits gained by wearing Italian Red Coral are much more profound than the Japan Red Coral. However, that does not indicate, Japan Red Coral does not work for Astrological purpose. It just means that there is a degree of difference in the effect of both.

2) Technically, it is said that the gravity of Italian Red Coral is higher than Japan Red Coral which is a major point of difference.

3) Italian Red Coral generally comes in a deeper Red colour than Japan Red Coral, which is more impactful as an Astrological stone.

4) Though Italian Red Coral is of high quality, the Japan Red Coral is much costlier than it. This is because Italy produces a good quantity of Italian Red Coral than Japan’s. So availability of Italian Red Coral is more than Japan Red Coral, which is the reason for the higher price of Japan Red Coral.

History of Italian Red Coral

Coral has been used since ages and has been worn as jewellery by ancient Egyptians and Sumerians, as an amulet for protection, artistic carvings of Coral existed at that time too. The palace of Poseidon was one of the Twelve Olympians in ancient Greek was made of Red Coral. Trade of Coral between India and the Mediterranean countries/cities was prevalent. The ancients were of the belief that Red Coral was Divine’s blood and had many healing properties. Ancient history says that it was a practice to gift Italian Red Coral during weddings to the Bride and Groom by the father of the Bride for a happy and harmonious married life, especially in India.

The astrological meaning of Italian Red Coral/Japan Red Coral

As per Vedic Astrology, every gemstone is ruled by a planet. The Italian(Japan) Red Coral is ruled by Mars or Mangal. Mars is a warrior planet, which explains the reason why it was worn on helmets by warriors in ancient times. The attributes of Mars are of ambition, vitality, courage, stamina.
Natives with the weak placement of Mars in their Kundli or Horoscope are advised by Astrologers to wear Italian Red Coral, in order to get relief from the malefic effect of Mangal/Mars. Natives with Mangal Dosh are commonly termed Manglik, and besides other negative effects of Mars, such natives problems in getting married and if married, there is discord, disharmony and turbulence in life between the couple and family life are unhappy. Wearing the Italian Red Coral works great in restoring peace and harmony in married life. It also clears the obstructions in getting married.

Natives affected by Mangal Dosh generally are irritable, quick to anger, low in energy, aggressive, maybe in debts. Wearing the Italian Red Coral is beneficial in getting relief. Physical illness related to blood, bones and pregnancy-related problems is healed by wearing the amazing Italian Red Coral.

Mars being the warrior, the Italian (Japan) Red Coral is favourable for Police officers, Soldiers and also for Sports persons/Athletes, Surgeons and Electricians. Italian Red Coral is worn in Gold or Copperas Rings, Amulets, Bracelets, Necklace.

Consulting a qualified Astrologer is important to get the correct advice on what weight to wear and other details. Buy the Italian (Japan) Red Coral from a genuine, reputed gemstone seller/dealer, so that you buy the genuine natural Italian Red Coral. It is better to buy a certified gemstone.

While browsing for Italian Red Coral for a family member, we offer a wide range of both Italian Red Coral and Japan Red Coral. Embrace yourself to get an authentic gemstone to get rid of negativity and obstacles from your life.


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