Create a Plate froma Chinese Food Box?

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    Chinese is one of the most popular cuisines all over the world. People love to have warm soups during winters so they can keep themselves warm. Many other delicious Chinese dishes can satisfy the taste buds of all individuals. Sometimes people like to dine inside the restaurant, but some people like to have a takeaway and consume food later on. The famous restaurants have proper home delivery and takeaway services that they give to the customers.

    The Chinese food box is used to pack tasty Chinese food, and it can keep the food warm, fresh, and hygienic. The Chinese food take out boxes can unfold into plates, and the best thing is that once you have used them, you dispose of them off. You don’t need to make your hands dirty and greasy and dip into the food boxes to take out and eat the tasty Chinese dishes. Pouring food onto plates can be tiresome, especially if your kids are hungry or are in a hurry to eat. Just fold the box from left to right and form a plate to enjoy the food. In this post, we will discuss how to create a plate from a Chinese food box. Follow these simple tips, and you are ready to eat.

    Access the container contents

    If you find it difficult and awkward to eat food directly from the Chinese takeout box, there are ways to solve your issue. Pouring the Kung Pao chicken can be difficult, and what if you are on the road and don’t have any plates with you? Instead of digging out food from the box and making your hands dirty, you can create a ready to use a plate. Unfold the box while the food is inside and consider how the packing is done. Over packed food containers will turn out to be a big mess, and the sauce may leak from the inside. If you are trying to convert the box into the plate, check the size of the meal first, so there are no problems later.

    Remove the box handle first

    If the Chinese food box has a handle, try to remove it first, and you can do that by opening the top of the box. You will have to hold the open container in one hand and gently pull out one side of the handle. Move it to the other side of the box until it is dislodged, and for this, you may have to twist and turn the box a little. It will be free to move once you coax or fold it a little than usual. Most people don’t have the idea that a standard takeout box can unfold into a plate. The boxes are usually made of cardboard, so it is easy to assemble or dissemble them.

    Repeat the same step on the other side of the handle

    You have to repeat the same step one other handle as well, but if it is not possible to keep the other side of the handle at the fixed place. Ideally, both the handles should be out of their places so the box can collapse. The Chinese box is usually very sturdy, so it may take some effort to collapse it.

    Turn box towards the folded side

    The Chinese takeout boxes are either a flap or staple that holds the box together. The brands have chosen this packaging design as it helps to keep the food warm and fresh. Chinese food is delicate and can contaminate if dust or other harmful particles enter the box. As the demand for fresh and quality food rises, they make sure that nothing goes wrong; otherwise, sales will come down. Turn the box to the first folded side and open it from the base, make sure you do it quickly or else your food will become cold.

    Pull one side of the fold and spin it around

    If you want to use the Chinese takeout box as a plate, pull one side of the fold or staple apart. Repeat the process on the other side as well, but make sure that you open both sides with care. Spin the box around and open both the folds by using your hands slowly. You will notice that a flat plate on the surface will open up. It will make it easy for you to enjoy the food no matter you are sitting in your car. When the four folded sides have opened it, the plate will be spacious enough to enjoy the food no matter where you are. You can dispose of it anywhere, and as it is made of environmentally friendly materials, nothing will be harmful.


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