Cold Calling Tips to Increase Your Sales in 2021


Securing sales and finalizing deals is not easier. It is specifically challenging in highly competitive markets like that of the UAE. The potential consumers have a whole lot of options that they do not fear missing out on any deal. Such circumstances would have made the life of sellers quite difficult, but thanks to the cold calling, they still have hope of convincing clients.

What exactly is Cold Calling?

Now, you must be wondering what is cold calling and how it has made life easier! Cold calling is a selling technique in which the sales representatives connect with potential customers through phone calls. In other words, telemarketing is cold calling. It helps the sellers to win the customers by marketing their product or service through a phone call.

Basic Etiquettes of Cold Calling!

No one likes a random call abruptly telling them to buy something. This is why following the basic etiquette of cold calling is necessary. These include:

  • Introducing yourself
  • Providing information about the company
  • Sharing the reason for the call

The sellers should always start the call by following these manners. Explore this article in detail to learn the cold calling tips to increase your sales in 2021.

Top 7 Tips to Make Your Cold Calling Successful and Profitable

Competition has increased significantly in the business world. Moreover, there are a number of marketing options that help the sellers reach out to their potential clients and win their attentiveness. Cold calling is one of the oldest selling techniques, which is deemed not useful anymore. However, it can earn you more deals if utilized properly.

Here are the top tips to make your cold calls successful and profitable in this competitive era.

1. Plan and Practice Beforehand

Planning and practicing beforehand is the key to success and cold calling is no exception. You need to plan the content of your calls to avoid beating around the bush. Moreover, practice will make you seem more confident and natural. Doing this requires professional expertise, which motivates most organizations to seek help from professional cold calling companies and grow their sales with the contribution of trained agents.

2. Avoid Intimidating the Receiver

The greatest mistake cold call agents make, which decreases the success of their call, is intimidating the receiver. They start narrating their purpose as soon as the receiver picks the call. They do not let the person end the call before taking the action they need. It only makes the receiver avoid picking such calls in the future. Keep the conversation smooth and not intimidating.

3. Organize Your Schedule

If you have to make ten calls in the day, do not just dive into it the first thing in the morning. Do not mind checking the progress of your previous cold calls and their timing. Observe the time when the success rate is higher. Organize your schedule accordingly. Do not forget to take little breaks after every call to refresh your tone and motivation.

4. Avoid Scripted Call

One of the most important tips that can save your career as a cold calling agent is avoiding scripted calls. The problem in scripted calls is that you might succeed in narrating all the product information and details to the potential client, but you will not be able to reply to random questions. You will lose your flow as soon as you are interrupted, and it will leave a negative impact on the potential client.

5. Know When to Leave

A basic tip that can help you close more deals is to know when to leave. It might not sound convincing; however, it tricks consumer psychology. If you keep increasing the call time while trying to convince the consumer, he/she might feel above you. On the other hand, present your point in a detailed and smooth manner, share your offer, and ask about the next suitable time to discuss the prospects.

6. Do Your Background Research

Another important tip that can make your cold calls more productive and successful is to do your background research before contacting any potential consumer. Check their personal details, the products they have reviewed or shown interest in. in short, do your homework to attract the client and present them the deals that will instantly grab their attention.

7. Keep Them Relaxed and Offer Time

Lastly, to make your calls successful and get the desired action from the consumers, you have to keep them relaxed. Do not converse as you are on some roller coaster ride, and do not be too slow to make them sleepy. Use a moderate tone and pitch and offer time to think. If you are still unable to win clients, you need to outsource your customer service and let the trained and skilled professional win the favor of potential clients and close more deals.

Follow the cold calling tips to enjoy more sales!

If you want your receiver to listen and decide, instead of ending the call on your face, follow the above shared cold calling tips. However, if you are not winning the deals, you must be doing something wrong. Consult the professionals to make your cold calls more productive and profitable.


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