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    Laboratories are the space where brilliant mind comes together in discovering something new. Laboratories and experiment is the base of science, this space give an assumption of our theories. Laboratories are divided according to different subjects of science, there are bio labs, chemistry labs, and physics lab where scientist works on the specific subject they have majored in. Every student gets a basic concept of what a laboratory from their primary education in schools. A laboratory is necessity in every school where the youth get the introduction to the field of science for the first time. So it is a very important educational experience to remember.
    Clean room or a laboratory requires some basic product. Laboratory work bench provides us with a well designed work space in which we can carry out with any kind of lab related work we want. But the main questions that comes in mind before buying a work bench is which product will go best in our lab as there is a wide range of work bench we need to choose the one fit for us with a lot of thought and care before buying.

    It is a type of table designed specifically for laboratories. These tables provide space to carry on the experiment with lab equipment or to keep any kind of item relatable to the lab. It is a long table and provides decent space for everyone to work together. The surface of a work bench is a crucial space, it is designed so that we can measure any item or adjust the height according to our convenient if we are using a microscope.
    Material used for the surface of work bench
    The top of the work bench is a crucial spot so the material used to make the top half of the bench come in different variant. Some of the most common material is
    Formica Brand laminate: this material is used in a variety of things by different industries. It is a highly durable and resistant to any impact so this would be really long lasting and hardy and can be used roughly.

  • ESD laminate: it will be an ideal product for the semiconductor manufacturing and electrical industry. Because it has a conductive layer that c disseminates any static electric from the surface and we can use any use any static sensitive device without any problem.
    Phenolic resin: this material is highly heat resistence, durable ,light weight, resist any bacteria or fungus and can resist concentrated chemicals. This quality makes it easy to be cleaned and this material is used mainly in lab where too much heat is exposed.
    Stainless steel: it is one of the most common and easiest materials to handle and its look is most pleasing to our eyes. One of the best quality of a stainless steel is it is resistant to rust and the looks remain the same for a long time. The food industries, labs, manufacturing industries use this material the most.
    Butcher blocks: butcher is the cheapest most durable and hardy material to use. It is made of wood placed straight together by being glued together in the surface.

    How to choose the right work bench for labs

    Sometimes the right workbench can be personalised according to our requirement. Workbench are designed keeping in mind all the pros and cons of working in a lab by any individuals.
    Many experts try to find a lab bench with the highest resistance toward chemicals or any kind of corrosion.
    A durable and corrosion free bench is made of steel. This way it could be protected from any kind of corrosion and chemical
    The powder coat paint works as a shield against any type of corrosion, chemical or harmful waste giving it a shinning and unharmed surface.
    The bench that is laminated with Formica is good for garbage control and utilises workers in the workspace.

  • Factor affecting a work bench in lab

    Mobile of stationary: this factor totally depends on the setup of the lab. If a lab design is changing frequently it best to consider an easily movable mobile workbench to buy. But if we plan to keep the lab setting the same for a long time we can go for a heavy classic stationary workbench to work with.
    Size of the bench: commonly the size of a workbench ranges from 24to 36 inches. So before choosing the workbench we have think about the space available in the lab.
    Accessories and customization of bench: after finding the perfect workbench we can always decide on the add-on accessories we like to add to the bench. It can be the power plugs,codas, electric overhead light, add on shelves and many more.
    We can think that a work bench is a simple thing and not that important from outside. But it is one of the most used items inside a lab.


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