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Tableau business intelligence software is the emerging product in the intelligence market these days. All through the severe Coronavirus Pandemic peak phase and till yet, it has been rendering the real-time accurate data analytics related to the spread of infection. It is only after watching its efficiency during these times; many leaders started to have faith in the same to the next level and are adopting it in their organizations for strategic analytical approach.
However, where more than 80% of the industry leaders today are willing to add tableau BI software, they still lack the knowledge about the right tableau license to buy and do justified analysis. To end this confusion, once and for all, just go through this blog and understand each type of licenses available along with their price. This will help you analyze your user requirements and make the right move.
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Understand Tableau License Requirements Based on your Nature of Work

1. Tableau Creator License

Do you hire a bunch of resources every month to arrange the data from various sources and simplify the complex data structures into business insights? If yes, it is time now to analyze this special team, their scope of work and their time consumed in conducting analysis of the data.
This specialized team in Tableau science is known as creators. These people are responsible for extracting the information and creating intuitive reports. With Tableau Creator license, this team is empowered to add creativity, accuracy and reliance to the analysis and reports in just a few simple clicks.
But, what will it do for you and your business? Certainly if your team is able to render the accurate, real-time and efficient analysis faster, you will be able to build effective strategies that will directly add to finding new opportunities and reducing the ROI. Also, one single reliable platform, you can simply put your valuable resources to other beneficial tasks and get rid of hiring and firing people every now and then for this role. Tableau alone can handle things efficiently.

2. Tableau Explorer License

The immediate next step after creating the reports from churning out the data is analyzing it. People spend hours and even days analyzing the business situations and make it readable enough for the leaders to make critical decisions out of it.
Ever realized the amount of work and time your resources invest in analyzing the data manually and ever faced trust issues with the analysis that has been carried out?
This specialized team in Tableau language is known as Explorers. As their name suggests, they explore the data and dig out the useful insights out of the same. From sales to profit and loss situations, to total investment made compared to the total value earned, etc. they analyze everything. No wonder this is the most sensitive area that these people work in and the analysis made directly affects the decision making of the leaders.
Tableau Explorer license that is made especially for this category of people makes their complex tasks easier and creates a possibility to make smarter decisions with accurate analysis. It even displays suggestions in the analysis in the form of creative dashboards to carry out flawless analysis.

3. Viewer

Of course, nothing can be approved or could be made functional without the approval of the company heads. With tableau Explorer license, leaders and business heads gain in-depth insights of the company situation from the reports so as to make the strategic business decisions faster.
So why indulge in daily struggles of reverting to the inappropriate reports with wrong entries while analyzing the data when Tableau Business analytics software can be put to the work. It will not just save your time in analyzing the business situation but will also render efficiency in analyzing the situation and making smart decisions. So, talk to business intelligence software companies near you today and find out your suitable tableau license and tableau license cost.


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