Cakes For Mothers To Bake For Kids

5 Yummy Cakes For Mothers To Bake For Kids On Their Birthday

Be it an occasion or festival or any other event; cakes have become an integral part of any wonderful moment. Cakes are inseparable from birthday events and that too of the kid’s birthday. We spend thousands of dollars to buy a special cake for the child to make their birthday special and show motherhood. This time whenever your kid’s birthday arrives, try not to buy expensive things but surprise your kid by baking yummilicious cakes on their birthday of their favorite flavor and decorating them with candies to add more joy. But if you are running out of the time, you can simply order cake online gurgaon too.

Some alluring cakes ones available in the shop might not be that much appealing enough, but you might think you could bake the same cake at home. This can easily be done now with some easily available cake recipes and available ingredients in the kitchen, which are not only fascinating in their recipes but also introduce your children to a world of lip-chap flavor and complete joy in a homemade package cake baked of love.

Set yourself to get started with a blast by jumping hastily into this selected collection of cake recipes, which will be special to get your child happy and all his friends enthusiastic to no end.

Chocolate Cake

Chocolate cake is a dessert flavored with melted chocolate. This cake is loved by everyone, kid, and can easily bake this cake and surprise your kid on his/her birthday. The chocolate cake takes 45 minutes to cook with ingredients consisting of flour, sugar, butter, cocoa powder, and rising ingredients and collects the Surprising praises. Many recipes are available over the web. You can easily scroll and make the moment special.

Fruit Cake

Fruit cake is similar in the baking cake as others. All that makes this cake different is the fruits in it, which makes it healthier than others. No kid can stop themselves in complementing and stop feeding themselves as much slice as they want and other friends. Ingredients included flour, sugar, fruits like orange, banana, eggs. The cooking time will be 40-45 minutes for the final texture after the batter is put in the oven.

Banana Cake

Bananas are every kid favoring fruit and love to have bananas in any form. Banana shakes or the cake will also be referred to by kids and cannot stop themselves from having it on their birthday and enjoy the sweetness and healthy banana cake this year on their birthdays. So mother, all you need to add bananas instead of sugar to make it a more yummy and healthy cake for your child.

Cherry And Almond Cake

If your kid is allergic to gluten and is a vegan mother, this cake is a solution for both. This cake is a full package of protein and healthy fats. All you need is coconut milk, flour, brown sugar, almond essence, baking powder, powdered sugar for the icing, and to make it fancy; the red cherries are too required. All is mix and bake and at last display and surprise your kid with cherries topped over it.

Rainbow Cake

All kids love colors. So this time, mommy surprises your child with an easy rainbow cake and creates unique contentment for your child. To bake this cake you need all rainbow food colors and each layer, you can add the same color as in rainbow and see the wonders on your child’s day of his happiness and make the lovely moment more intriguing.

Preparing a birthday cake doesn’t appear that troublesome presently, does it? Not at all like what most mommies think, preparing does not take up a part of your time. And once you get the hang of it, you’ll attempt more complicated cakes with fondant icing.


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