Best Mountains to Climb for Beginners


Mountains are incredible and are more than walking in nature. Mountaineering is a reunion with your inner self that makes you test your limits with each summit as a new contest. If you are new to climbing and all you have is motivated to touch the peaks, this list is made for you. Grab the best deals to these destinations by making your bookings with Sun Country reservations options for the most comfortable flying experience. Let’s start the journey of beautiful mountains and conquer those peaks one by one!

List of Mountains to Climb for Beginners:

Pikes Peaks, United States

Pike Peak is one of the highest peaks in North America, which is 4302 meters high. They are located in the Southern front range belonging to the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. After reaching the top. You can always opt for a cob railway or hitch a ride from various visitors visiting and traveling by car. The trailhead’s point is a 21 km hiking trail that gains around 2250 meters of height, giving many beginners a full hiking experience. 

Mount Fuji, Japan

Who does not wish to visit Japan! Mount Fuji is one of the most spectacular mountains with its peak height of up to 4000 meters situated in Japan’s capital. It is one of the most preferred mountains for the best hiking and mountain climbing experience. Travelers usually hike up the Kawaguchiko route, which is among the most popular hiking routes. This hike starts from the well-built trails at the height of 2300 meters and ends at the peak, almost 4000 meters high, taking around 8 hours for any fit person to finish and come back. Japan has an official hiking season that starts from July 1 and ends by August 31. 

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Tofana di Rozes, Italy

The Tofana di Rozes is 3225 meters high. It can be climbed along the beautiful but long Lipella Ferrata, or you can take a hiking tour around the mountain. Many opt for the latter possibility and the extraordinary and suggestive views that this Dolomite area offers. It is one of the most beautiful excursions in the Dolomites with its classic environment and giant mountains. The site is a Natural Park of the Ampezzan Dolomites. The route, except for the Minighel via Ferrata, is avoidable. It is accessible to all with a difference in height of about 950 meters and usually takes a healthy climber around 6 hours. 

Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

Mount Kilimanjaro National Park has been one of the most visited parks in Tanzania. In the heart of the park stands Kilimanjaro, which is at the height of 5896 meters, which is the highest mountain in Africa. Trekking on Kilimanjaro attracts around 25 thousand hikers every year. It is also possible to walk to the summit without the use of ropes and climbing techniques, but do not be fooled by the high number of people who face the mountain because the climb is a very demanding undertaking. 

Pico de Orizaba, México

The Pico de Orizaba is the highest mountain in Mexico. From the city of Orizaba, travelers usually go up by off-road vehicle to reach the slopes of the mountains at an altitude of 4100 meters. From there, it takes around 4 hours with the off-road vehicle. A path market with a few stone cairns and traces of a path, then on the glacier, an intuitive course with good visibility from the refuge. It is said to be the best trail for a snow-climbing experience. 

Mountain climbing is one of the fun and stress relieving sports that helps many connect with nature in the best way possible. If you wish to book your flight tickets to these places, try booking using Spirit Airlines reservations services for the best flight experience. 


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