A guide to working of RO Water Purifier

Aqua Water purifier

Water plays a vital role to stay healthy and disease-free. And it is obvious that you have to use contaminants and germs free water. By keeping this in mind, Reverse Osmosis comes in the market as it assures that it purifies the drinking water by removing contaminants from unfiltered water, or feedwater when the pressure forces it via a semipermeable membrane.

Water flows from the more concentrated side of the RO membrane to the less concentrated side to give you clean and safe drinking water. The pure and freshwater produced is called permeate and the concentrated water left over is known as the brine or waste. In osmosis, water becomes more concentrated because it passes via the membrane to produce equilibrium on both sides. RO helps to block the contaminants from combing the less concentrated side of the membrane.

You should know the exact purification step of the RO water purifier so that you can come to know about its excellent functionality of purifying the water. Let’s move ahead with its working procedure.

The step-by-step Purification process of RO Water Purifier

RO Water purifier comes in the perfect combination of Carbon filter, sediment, RO Membrane, UF membrane, UV lamp, and post-carbon filter. Let’s have a look at the working procedure of these filters


These Pre-filters are effective in removing the larger particles like sand dirt, slit, and other sediments from water. The Pre-Filter helps to protect the RO membrane that gets clogged which is a result of exposure to chlorine and sediment.  The Carbon filter is designed to remove toxic compounds like pesticides and it is also effective to remove bad smell from the water.

Reverse Osmosis Membrane

Now, this membrane comes. The next filter is the RO membrane it blocks the minute impurities when water is forced via the semi-permeable membrane. The membrane is made of synthetic plastic material which is effective in restricting chlorine, sodium, and larger molecules as well as bacteria, urea, as well as viruses. The RO water purifier is also helpful in removing lead, copper, arsenic, fluoride, chromium, selenium and etc.

UV Lamp

RO Water Purifier is integrated with a UGV lamp that is effective to disinfect bacteria from the water just by killing all of the harmful pathogens available in the water. It destroys the disease-causing microorganism by targeting their genetic core to remove their ability to reproduce and this all happens due to the high-power UV rays. The Outstanding Work of a UV lamp is to destroy 99.99% of harmful microorganisms from the water and hence make it safe to consume.


Now, the next process that comes with the filtration of the RO purifier is Ultra-filtration UF. It is basically a type of hollow fiber membrane via which water is pressed to pass leaving the impurities that are present behind and provide clean and pure water.

Post Filter (Activated Carbon Filter)

Before the water gets filled in the storage tank, it goes via the post-carbon filter. The filter helps to eliminate any remaining contaminants which slip via the membrane and make it pure and ideal to consume.

With all these filters, RO Water Purifier also comes with a TDS controller which is effective in retaining all the important natural minerals in the purified water. Some of the RO purifier installation come with Save water Technology which uses a process that is completely controlled by a computer. You can avail of RO Repair at a reasonable cost and in different specifications from Aqua Easy.

Let’s talk about some benefits of having these filters. There is no doubt that these filters work effectively to provide safe and clean water. 

Availability of contaminants in Reverse Osmosis Water is fewer

Reverse Osmosis is an advanced technology utilized to eliminate any contaminants which come in the form of molecules. The system works effectively by removing molecular compounds of sizes that are smaller than water. The process can be evaluated to the squeezing out what is good and throwing undesired remains away. There are multiple compounds that can make the water unhealthy for animal and human consumption. The compounds come with lead, iron, manganese, and calcium among others. RO has been found to be the most effective purification method that can overcome the water of these molecular compounds. This method has been praised as the best to purify water from printing and industrial processes that need only mineral-free water.

The experts at Aqua Easy ensure that the contaminants are filtered from water to make it free of compounds and clean. Compared to tap water that is unfiltered, RO water has fewer compounds. Even with piped water, possibilities are that you are drinking contaminated water like lead. Lead is a leading contaminant, specifically where plumbing is dilapidated and old. RO helps to remove lead from water and frees people from many sicknesses like nerve damage, high blood pressure, and low fertility. Drinking RO water can also remove risks of brain anemic and damage conditions, specifically in kids. The RO system assures filtration and disease removal which causes parasites that find their way into water sources.

RO Water has Improved Taste

Although taste, by all standards, is actually a subjective aspect, as the research has shown that RO water is rated as having the best taste compared to tap water. According to a research of blind taste test shown that the RO water is preferred over tap water. Tap water has the mark out of sulfur, nitrates, leaf, and other compounds which make it indigestible. The procedure of eliminating these molecular compounds from tap water will let the people drink tastier, cleaner, and fresher water than tap water.

At Aqua Easy, we understand that obtaining cleaning, tastier and fresher water isn’t easy and simple but with this RO water purifier.We are working dedicatedly to provide the best Ro Service system which can help you to drink clean RO water every time. Compared to the bottled water, RO water is less expensive and you can save more money which would otherwise be spent on purchasing bottled water. The unmatched technology is tested on various parameters to ensure effectiveness to ensure that every drop of water in your glass is tasty and clean.



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