9 Best Ways You Can Help Your Loved Ones Take Care of their Mental Health


Just as you care for your own mental health, care for your loved ones’ too. 

You are fully aware that keeping yourself fit and healthy is very important. Good lifestyle choices bring about good results to the general health. It would be amazing if everyone has perfect health, isn’t it? But humans are humans; there are flaws, shortcomings and unwanted happenings that negatively affect health. Furthermore, your own doings can impact your health, so it’s a must to be responsible in taking care of it. 

It can be clearly obvious when someone’s physical body is improved or is hurt by one’s actions, but the topic under the spotlight in this piece is mental health

Here’s what not many people don’t know or many are just under informed: Your actions can influence the mental health of other people. As you know or don’t know, mental health is hugely significant and serious. You cannot simply talk about ‘health’ without it. Weighty and life-changing — that’s what it is and what it can be.

Of course, the impact you want to make on others’ mental health is positive. You don’t want that because of you, your loved ones will be adversely affected. They are dear to you, and you desire to grow well with them. What you want is to help them value their mental well-being and keep it safe. 

To enlighten you more about this matter and about what you can do, here are x big ways you can help your family, friends and other loved ones take care of their mental health! Skipping a number isn’t allowed, OK? Read on!



Thanks to the computer age today, you can assume that almost nobody gets outdated of recent scoops and news. Everyone remains notified about day-to-day happenings, even when not in the actual scenes, because of the Internet. Actually, even when you haven’t seen it on Facebook yet, your sibling who already saw it there will share it to you, and tadah! You are already updated. 

It’s something to be grateful for, but all must be careful because not every information you see or hear coming from the Internet or from other people is true. Lots of them are made up or fabricated. What’s alarming is that many fake information is created to confuse, to scare and to make people paranoid. Most fake news form misconceptions and cause chaos. Worse, they bring in worries and anxieties to those who receive them. 

Sending and forwarding links through personal messaging apps are a thing today; same as mentioning each other in the comments section of online articles. This is helpful to immediately spread relevant and urgent information. You probably have received a lot of them from different people or have sent one. 

If you’re the latter, remember this: Before you send news that you think your loved ones need to know about, make sure they are a hundred percent factual. Stop sending unverified stories; they will cause confusion or unnecessary troubles. Especially if the news is disturbing, and you’re not sure whether or not they’re real, don’t send them to others. You will just cause distress. 

When you know that your mom will be anxious about that unverified news link you’re planning to forward to her Messenger account, don’t send it at all. Be more sensitive. And even if it’s authentic news that everyone has to know, find the right timing too. 



Always staying on social media isn’t healthy for the mind. You get exposed to loads of things, and many can be unfavorable. Although the Internet has already become a necessity, proper usage is vital. 

Encourage your loved ones to take social media breaks. It’s a smart way to avoid those people sending fake news as well! Detoxify and reprogram the mind. Remove the unwanted emotions and perspectives brought about by social media. This will aid your loved ones to live in the real moment outside the virtual realms. Through social media detox, they can learn to become more productive in other things besides their social media profiles and timelines. 

You can help your sweeties not only take time off from screens but also allot time for other interests and self-development activities. This is totally advantageous not just for mental health but for overall health!



Exercising does not just transform your physical appearance and does not only boost your energy. It also refreshes your mind, clears it and enhances its processes. The life-giving effects of sweating off and working your body out are countless! 

Invite your loved ones to exercise with you. Maybe they are lazy or unmotivated to go to the gym or pick up that exercise equipment in their own house. Maybe they don’t know where to start. Help them begin caring for their body more than ever before! 

Especially when you know that certain family members or friends have an inactive physical lifestyle that affects their mental wellness, be there to pull them up! They need exercise buddies, so they can be more driven to get up to the gym or dust off those exercise equipment oldening in their cabinets. 



Reading books meant to motivate or inspire people regarding particular life aspects does help. Wrap a good book you’d like to suggest your loved one to read, or just hand it as is. Fictional books can be a good preference, too, as long as there’s a meaningful message to learn. And if you see it fit for the mental support of that particular person, then that’d be great! 



Traveling is one of the best things in life that many people love doing for their mental health. It surely is healthful and not simply for fun. 

Plan a healing trip together. It’s not just strolling and spending money but working on personal growth, strengthening relationships and reflecting on life. The perfect setting is that with refreshing nature views, far from the noisy city streets and where clean air can be inhaled and worries can be exhaled. A restorative trip with loved ones is more rewarding than you think! 



There’s no need to write this down, but the list isn’t complete without reminding you that treating each other well is essential for everyone’s mental development too. Relationships affect mental health, and you can say that it also goes the other way around. 

Genuinely treating each other nicely equates having no enemies, thus, corresponds to living a peaceful life, thus, results in a peaceful mind. This leads to gaining more people you can call “loved ones” even beyond the blood-related circle. What’s more, there’s room for eliminating toxic relationships and rebuilding the broken-but-can-be-fixed ones.



Kind words cost nothing. They won’t empty your wallets. Don’t keep them hidden. When you know someone needs to hear encouragement, open your mouth, and keep the compassionate words coming out. 

Complimenting your friend’s artwork or clothes can be nothing to you, but they can turn someone’s bad and mentally draining day into a good one! No exaggeration! Who knows, those simple yet nice words you speak are actually a light for someone losing hope, right? Don’t hold them back.

To the ones who receive kind words, they are like diamonds. You know how it feels when you’re at the receiving end of them.  



You know why many people are wholly hesitant and unwilling to share their problems to others, even to close friends and family? That’s because they are afraid to be negatively judged and treated differently like they did wrong, like they’re weird or sick. Society is undeniably judgemental that’s why. 

When someone you know opens up about a certain problem, especially with regards to their mental health, be a non judgemental ear. It takes loads of courage to unravel to others the things that make one anxious and bothered. Achievements are easy to talk about, but battles? Nope. If you want to help, don’t simply hear but with sincerity and concern, do listen.



Sometimes, even when your loved one who opens up tells you not to say anything after listening to their problems because they just want to let them out of their chest, you feel like there’s something they need to hear, right? You’re right. They need the right help. 

Encouragement and uplifting, especially for those who have been carrying serious issues that give them arduous hardship, they need them. Pieces of relevant advice that you’re sure will definitely help and not confuse them and not make things poorer, they need them. 

There are people who give pieces of advice but they’re not sure if they’re right; nonetheless, they share it to the one who asks for advising. The result? Things just get worse. Be careful. Know if you’re somebody whose words are valid to give guidance to some specific issues your loved ones need aid with. If yes, then say and do everything you can to be a tremendous help. If not or not totally, then know if they’re willing to ask help from someone whose knowledge is more dependable than yours. Don’t trespass their privacy and consent. You just earned their trust when they opened up, so don’t break that.



As you see to it that your mental health is cherished, be mindful of your loved ones’ too. You can do so much more than you know to lend a helping hand for someone to have a better mind! 



Nicole Ann Pore is a writer, an events host and a voice over artist. She finds quality and well-researched writing as a worthwhile avenue to enlighten and delight others about things that matter. For her, it’s restoring and fulfilling to the heart and a great way to clear the mind while loading it up with fresh learning. Film critiquing and filmmaking are among her interests too. Giving all the glory to God, Nicole graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University Manila, Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts.


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