7 Of The Most Inspiring Places On Earth

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7 Of The Most Inspiring Places On Earth

We have seen incredible architects in humankind’s history. However, nothing comes closer to the result when nature is left on its own. There are many beautiful places on Earth, and people like writers and creative artists often go there to get over their creative block. Soothing landscapes, soaring mountains, picturesque beaches, and other places are mostly unexplored by travelers. Likewise, here are seven of the most inspiring places on Earth where you should go once in your lifetime. Pack your bags, load extra luggage with roof rack accessories, and plan your next voyage to one of these places:

1. Aurora Borealis

This place tops our list of inspiring places on Earth for a reason. This place is the best to witness Earth’s incredible natural phenomenon of sunlight entering the atmosphere. The electrons in the sunlight interact with atmospheric particles like oxygen and nitrogen atoms resulting in a scenic view. 


Another fascinating fact about this place is that you can see not one, but more than three colors in the sky here. And if you go at different altitudes, you will see all these colors from different viewing angles. When you are out there regarding the incredible Northern Lights, there are very few moments that compare to it. You can stay for all the time you want to and introspect, meditate, and get inspiration for your next project. You may see colors ranging from pale green and pink to shades of red, violet, green, and blue. Visitors will see different shapes on different days of the year. The various forms that illuminate the sky with their glowing light are arcs, flowy curtains, and streamers.

2. Fairy Pools Of Scotland

If you love to see crystal clear water and are a fan of the slow and soft sound of flowing water, you will love the Fairy Pools of Scotland. These pools are in the laps of soaring mountain Black Cuillins and are naturally built on the Brittle river.


You will reach the parking spot, and from there, you will have to walk for about 20 minutes to reach the first significant pool. You can see nature at its best throughout the way. The whole vibe of this place is very peaceful and mystifying. The walk to the waterfall’s base is short, but its difficulty level is moderate, so you should wear your trekking shoes. This place is accessible throughout the year, except that crossing the Brittle river could be challenging when the rainfall is high.


Once you reach the waterfall’s base, take some rest, and continue your ascend. There you will see multiple pools. The pools have crystal clear and blue water, ideal for a photo session. All these pools are excellent for swimming, but in the cold weather of Scotland, you must have a wetsuit. 


3. Ram Setu Or The Adam’s Bridge

In our understanding, this bridge is a true inspiration for lovers. Today, the reminiscences of this bridge are in Tamilnadu, the southernmost state of India. As per the legends, the bridge was built by Lord Rama, a Hindu god, to rescue his abducted wife. 


This bridge’s uniqueness is that it’s made up entirely of big stones, and they freely float in the seawater. In its earliest days, the bridge joined India’s Rameshwaram Island to Sri Lanka. A whole army traveled the distance on foot. 


Although there is still a conflict among the people who think that this was human-made and people who think it’s wholly geographical and natural. A thin bridgelike structure is still visible on the world’s map and from satellites, setting all the conflicts aside. The floating stones are visible near the coastline as well. As per the temple records, the bridge was destroyed in 1400 AD due to a tsunami. Moreover, NASA dates this ‘structure’ over one and a half million years back in time. When one reads the ancient Vedic texts, they discover that this bridge was built by an army of apes in no more than six days under the leadership of twin brothers Neel and Nala. In 2007, the director of the Geological Survey of India spoke in favor of this bridge being human-made and not natural.Apart from the mesmerizing bridge, the state has beautiful and peaceful beaches, unlike the noisy beaches of the western coast like that of Goa & Mumbai. You should plan a visit to this place at least once in your lifetime to experience the true meaning of love and learn about the ancient Indian culture. 

4. Ireland

Ireland is a small island country that is not completely hot or cold because of the cold weather and hot springs. The locals here are amiable and will help you in almost everything – from planning your trip to finding a destination. 

The most vibrant thing to see here is the town of Kinsale. Its buildings are very colorful and are built on the town’s narrow streets. There are many small and cute shops here that are colored in contrasting and soothing colors. 

If you like surfing, then Inchydoney beach is a place that you shouldn’t miss. The coastline is beautiful, and you can see the horizon from the beach. Even if you don’t like surfing, you can always take a slow walk on the beach and enjoy the scenic views.

5. Ubud, Bali 

Bali’s Ubud is for everyone – for people who love parties and for people who enjoy peaceful nature. Ubud might be Bali’s unofficial party capital, but it is near some authentic villages. These villages have breathtaking countryside views to offer, and the vast rice fields are a pleasure to the eyes. You can rent a two-wheeler from your hotel, and discover the rice paddies, coffee fields, and more of nature’s wonders. All the villages are cut-off from the noisy environment of urban life. 


Apart from the rice paddies, you can spend a night in a bubble hotel. This night will be a unique experience for everyone who loves sleeping under the sky. These bubble hotels are literally in the shape of a bubble and are completely transparent. They are situated by the river, and there is nothing else except for forests around. You can listen to the water flowing by and crickets chirping at night. This hotel is a beautiful choice for people who love to spend time in nature, and if you are one, you shouldn’t miss this place. 


If you don’t prefer to stay amidst the forest, you can also book a private villa for less than $20 a night. Most private villas have a private pool for its guest to enjoy the privacy they get on their romantic getaway.

Another exciting thing about these private villas is that you can have floating breakfast in a pool; it’s a unique experience and will be worthwhile. 


Seychelles is a string of islands between Kenya and Madagascar. The water here is crystal clear and blue, and the sand is satisfyingly white. The beaches of Seychelles feel like they are straight out of a TV set, but trust us, this is one of the most beautiful island countries in the world. 


Apart from relaxing in front of your water villa, you can also go fishing, snorkeling, and diving. The water is pure and bright due to minimum industrial intervention. The islands have authentic beachside cafes, restaurants, and bars. There are many world heritage sites in the country, too, like the Garden of Eden and corals. 

7.Grand Canyon, Arizona

Over the years, the Colorado River has carved this steep canyon, and now the Grand Canyon stands as a continuously forming geological masterpiece on Earth. It’s the most prominent gorge in the country and is very popular among hikers and explorers. 

The laid out area of this canyon is vast in length (277 miles), width (18), and height (1 mile). The place is an attraction for history lovers. There are plenty of prehistoric signs of human inhabitation along the walls of the Grand Canyon. For thousands of years, the Pueblo community, a Native American tribe, lived in the caves of this geological marvel. Now the canyon is just for the people looking for some time alone. 


There are several trails for people who want to explore the whole area. Some of the most popular ones are – Bright Angel Trail, North Kaibab Trail, and Rim Trail. If you are not a fan of walking in the hot weather, you can explore cooler places like Havasu Falls, and take a bath here. This fall is no less than an oasis in the desert with its clear blue water and light-colored sand on the shore. 

Moreover, if you are in a group, consider renting a raft and go whitewater rafting in Colorado. Grand Canyon Skywalks adds to the platter of people who seek more adventure. This bridge is built 70 feet over the canyon and is semicircular. The prominent attraction of the bridge is its transparent glass flooring. Yes, the whole bridge is see-through, and it feels like you are walking in the air. This place is excellent for the aerial view of the entire area.




Above were our top seven inspirational destinations on Earth. All these places are perfect for meditation and soul searching, as they are far away from the city’s traffic and noises. Visit these places to instill a new inspiration in your life. You can go with your partner to revive the romantic feelings once again. Or if you have just started dating, take your partner for a little surprise trip.



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