7 Best Things to Explore the Unexpected Landscapes for the New Jersey Vacation Ideas


New Jersey is the state that combines modernity with nature in its urban, suburban, and rural surroundings. It is also a place where the cozy and comfortable atmosphere allows its many visitors to have the best food, incredible nightlife attractions, beautiful beaches, and entertaining casinos. Being such a varied and beautiful state, we have curated the most ‘instagrammable’ places in New Jersey. If you wish to visit the country, book your tickets using Frontier reservations options for the best deals and discounts. 

Tourist Towns as the best New Jersey Vacation Ideas

Liberty State Park

Among the most popular places stood Liberty State Park. It is a place shared by both New Jersey and New York that holds the best view of Downtown Manhattan. The main buildings that come into the picture are The One World Trade Center, The Empire State Building, and the Chrysler Building. The proximity allows the New Jerseyans to cross the Hudson River to reach the Big Apple and vice versa either by car, ferry within a 15-minute ride to train.

Atlantic City Boardwalk

Another popular spot for millions of Instagrammers and travelers is the bustling Atlantic City Boardwalk. Its various casinos, quirky and unique shops, many international restaurants, beautiful beaches, and one of the most mesmerizing sunsets.

The Broadwalk is approximately 10 km long in the middle of iconic buildings like Trump Taj Mahal and Ceasar Palace. You are looking for a tourist destination that consists of everything that a tourist wants and is the one of the best New Jersey vacation ideas. 


Hoboken is home to many young professionals, including many hipsters. Besides, it is well known for its good restaurants, bars, nightlife, and things to see and do there. If you want a different weekend, we recommend that you go to Hoboken! Not only will you find the best parties in the area, but it also has dozens of activities to do as a family. It is the city where Frank Sinatra was born and known as the cradle of Baseball played and enjoyed by many in today’s date. 

Old Victorian Cape May

Cape May holds beautiful attractions for various travelers in abundance. It is located at the Southernmost tip of New Jersey on Delaware Bay. Furthermore, because of its popularity, six US presidents had summer homes in this city. Cape May holds many beautiful beaches, The attractive Cape May Point Lighthouse, and many victoria-style holiday domes. To witness the United States’ fantastic Stick Style architecture, visit Emlen Physick Estate, which is now a museum. It is an 18 room mansion showcasing the real art of Stick Style architecture. 

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Liberty State Park

Liberty State Park is known for being the greenery in the center of hustling New Jersey. Along with the beautiful Manhattan skyline, the proud Statue of Liberty, and Ellis Island as a stunning postcard worthy backdrop, Liberty State Park holds the most iconic and scenic parks.

Facilities and activities include a picnic area, playground, boating and canoeing on Hudson River and even the New York Bay, visitors center, various street food options, fishing and also crabbing some huge crabs, and many hiking, biking, nature trails and is known as among the best New Jersey vacation ideas.

Southern Shore

Southern Shore holds around fourteen beaches along its shores that attract most visitors to chill and relax on these beautiful sea sides. Southern coast offers all kinds of beaches as per the preferred news of its various types of visitors. The Ocean City Beach is known as the best Coastal living Beach and the relaxing Cape May that reflects the Victorian charm at every step. Then comes the Wildwoods for year-round fun parties and other activities. 

Skyland Region

If you want to go for a walking spree, take a walk up to 1803 feet to New Jersey’s highest point at Sussex. You may hike up the 72 miles of the Appalachian Trail that stretches through the Garden Estate. Skyland regions also offer many opportunities for shopping enthusiasts. Just visit Bridgewater Commons, which has 175 different types of stores, shops, restaurants, and a dine-in theater! 

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