7 Best Holiday Destinations For Weed Enthusiasts


Travel freaks like to unveil the secrets of mother nature and find the purpose of their life. In case you prefer exploring the unexplored, travel excursions might be a necessity. Most of the people travel to traverse the turquoise waters, natural wildlife, and stunning sceneries. However, the potheads all over the globe wish to fetch the high-quality marijuana on the way. If you’re a stoner, you must plan a cannabis tour to satiate your weed cravings. From the cannabis clubs of Barcelona to the coffeeshops in Amsterdam, you need to cover them all. 

Here are the top holiday destinations that provide the ecstatic weed tour along with some bewildering landscapes.

Barcelona, Spain 

Weed enthusiasts prefer to explore the Spanish premises due to the abundance of cannabis clubs. If you’re a pothead who likes to enjoy the nightlife, then Barcelona is the right choice. You can find the clubs boasting fluorescent lights and shady weed-selling areas by the outskirts. The government decriminalized the drug for personal use long ago. You can make the most of the marijuana culture in Spain with the help of club memberships. All you need to do is register for the cannabis lounges along with your flight tickets beforehand. Not only will it ensure your cannabis tour, but it also saves the trouble due to delays.

Locals often recommend booking the clubs at least two months before to get an assured seat. You must keep in mind to grab the best marijuana as the seeds help with insomnia and reducing stress

The Netherlands 

Have you come across the creative coffee shops that sell cannabis along with mouthwatering lattes? Amsterdam in The Netherlands is one of the best places for weed tourism due to a variety of reasons. You can procure the top-notch weed strains from the coffee shops lying by the crowded streets itself. Say goodbye to traversing the shady roads at the nighttime for fetching popular strains. Once you get your hands on the desired variety, try covering up the popular attractions. You must not miss out on the Anne Frank House and Vondelpark. In case you’re fond of the sunsets, make sure to book the sunset canoe tour beforehand. 

Denver, Colorado 

When it comes to cannabis tourism, Dender in Colorado ranks on the top positions. From the versatile cannabis dispensaries to the creative weed experiences, you can find them all here. You get to explore the stunning mountains and experience the best high amidst nature. You can also satiate the culinary cravings by attending the cannabis cooking classes offered by the weed experts. Although weed consumption in public places remains illegal, you can always choose weed-friendly places. Make sure to smoke your pot inside the accommodation and head out to explore the antiquities of the region. Some popular attractions to cover up are Denver Botanical Gardens and Art Museums. In the end, get some pot for your loved ones back home as a token of gratitude. 

Westmoreland, Jamaica 

Here’s the cannabis-friendly place that possesses a traditional culture related to the herb. Owing to the Rastafari culture and practices, weed is present in abundance here. What adds to the popularity of the herb in the region is the reggae music. You get to enjoy the traditional psychedelic music and get high at the same time. Also, you can explore the high tides and grab a bite at the nearest sea-food restaurants. Make sure to carry your weed to the Dunn’s falls and observe the natural aesthetics with the company of the herb. Also, explore the Bob Marley museum and gather some inspiration from the artworks and stunning displays. 

You can also visit the Blue and John Crow Mountains National Park and Port Antonio for the ultimate gratification. 

Juneau, Alaska 

Alaska is on the bucket list of globetrotters all over the globe. It is due to the multicoloured aurora borealis and stunning glaciers. However, it occupies a special place in the hearts of the potheads. You get to explore the geographical marvels and procure some authentic weed at the same time. The Alaskan government legalized cannabis for recreational use long back. Hence, you can fetch the desired strains without worrying about the police. However, try not to smoke the pot in public places. You can always get high in the weed-friendly accommodations and head out to gaze at the northern lights. Or, maybe travel to the Denali national park and observe the diversity of wildlife. Either way, you are likely to experience the best cannabis vacations on the premises of this arctic region. 

Costa Rica

Water sport is a top-notch activity, especially in the island nations and coastal areas of the world. One such region, i.e., Costa Rica, occupies the wishlist of every traveller out there. From the beauty of the turquoise waters to the high-rise waves throughout the year, the place is surely heaven. You can satiate your surf cravings and fetch the high-quality pot at the same time. The region has many cannabis dispensaries due to the abundant cannabis cultivation. With the balmy weather and suitable topographical features, you can find almost every weed strain here. So, don’t hesitate to grab your desired variety and enjoy the beachy nights. Also, experience the bewildering sunsets by the seashore while smoking your pot. You might consider taking some local weed for your friends back home as well.

Vancouver, Canada 

Weed enthusiasts are always in search of cannabis hotspots and high-quality strains. If you’re one of them, you must embark upon the journey towards the Canadian provinces right away. Most of the provinces in Canada offer a fresh and reliable pot along with the best cannabis culture. Since the legalization of the herb back in 2018, Canada experienced a surge in cannabis tourism. Make sure to explore the arctic landscapes and ecstatic snow-capped mountains on your trip. Also, try the snow activities and carry your pot along to the natural spots of the region. Some popular attractions to traverse are Stanley park and Kitsilano Beach. 

Final Verdict 

Travel incorporates a sense of belonging and makes you more grounded. With the excursions, you get to experience the traditional variations between different regions. Also, you can fetch the best cannabis strains in between the cultural explorations. In case you’re a pothead, you must cover up the weed-friendly regions first. Some popular spots like Vancouver, Spain, and Amsterdam promise an exciting cannabis tour to all the weed connoisseurs. However, don’t get too caught up in collecting the best weed strains. You must satiate the wanderlust within and explore the popular spots on your way. Also, try to fetch some pot for your weed-heads back home as well. 



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