5 Tips On How To Travel Better With Your Dog


Exploring new places is quite therapeutic and enhances your self-confidence. In case you’re a globetrotter, you realize the importance of unveiling the secrets of nature now and then. Most of the travelers leave their animal companions at home while heading out for exploration. However, you must not act this cruel with your furry friend and take him along as well. With a few steps and essential precautions, you get to travel with your pet by the side. Make sure to get a veterinary consultation before you take the pet on the journey. You can also go for a trail ride to test your animal companion’s tolerance before the actual trip begins. 

Here are the tips that might help you sail through the journey with your furry friend in a smooth manner.

Pack Necessary Documents

One of the most crucial things that you must carry along is the documents related to your furry friend. If you’re all set to cross the borders of your region, then you require the medical records and vaccination history of your pet. Before you embark upon the journey with your pet, make sure to go for a veterinary consultation. Also, go for proper veterinary consultation that acts as proof of your dog’s health. You might need to get the animal companion vaccinated in case you wish to explore it together. 

Try to take both the original and scanned copies of the documents in your travel documents’ bag. Along with this, keep the digital scans ready on your phone to save time and pass the security checks.

Load Up Essential Accessories 

Another thing to keep in mind is the necessary pet accessories that ensure comfort on the trip. You might consider the pet accessories according to the type of trip and the activities you plan to do together. In case you wish to hike the mountainous trails, you must pack the hiking carriers, dog harnesses, and boots. Also, try to fetch some durable pet jackets and a hands-free leash for better control over your furry friend. With the right accessories, you can keep your pet away from potential injuries and accidents. That way, it keeps your dog safe, secure, and active throughout the voyage. 

You can also carry an extra collar as the pet collars are quite prone to damage. Before heading out, pack an extra bag with the essential pet accessories and sail through the trip like a pro.

Go For A Test Drive

Many dogs out there suffer from travel anxiety and fear the car journeys much more than you can imagine. Canine anxiety disorders can be quite daunting to deal with and might affect your trip. Before you head out for the trip, you must go for a test drive that lasts for 3 to 4 hours. During the drive, analyze your dog’s behavior and look for the warning signs that point towards travel phobia. Some symptoms that you might consider are trembling limbs, panting, whining, and vomiting. Also, some dogs react differently and continue to urinate or defecate in the car itself. 

All these signs represent a moderate to a severe psychological abnormality in your furry animal. Hence, you must not take your dog out for the trip if the animal companion turns out to be travel phobic. 

Research The Destination 

If you’re a pet owner who wishes to explore the world with a furry friend, you might need to keep a broader range of destinations. While choosing the right destination, you might experience a hard time and spend hours analyzing the places. You must consider the dog-friendly destinations and regions before settling with the final one. Also, try to choose a place that resembles your present area to avoid psychological issues. Most of the dogs fear new places, people, or experiences. Hence, you might need to remain a bit cautious while choosing the destination. 

Some dog-friendly countries like France, Switzerland, Canada, and The Netherlands must be on your radar. Along with this, look out for the pet-friendly accommodations to instill more comfort and activeness in your pet. Don’t forget to take his favorite toys along to keep the entertainment at peak. 

Carry Medical Kit

Emergencies and accidents are inevitable on your way to explore the mesmerizing destinations. However, you must plan and seek the necessary precautions beforehand to avoid the last-minute struggle. Along with your first-aid kit, make sure to keep a veterinary first aid kit. Also, stuff in veterinary aid with proper assessment and analysis. You must keep your dog’s prescription drugs and other medications like antipyretics, anxiolytics, and antihistamines. Along with this, keep a few gauze pieces, bandages, antiseptic ointments, and hydrogen peroxide for first aid and related management. 

You might consider the thermometer, antibiotic wipes, and ice packs for additional protection and care. In case the veterinarian recommends any medication during the pre-travel checkup, make sure to keep it without fail.

Final Verdict

Traveling with your dog helps in developing the right bond and makes you cherish the moments. In case you wish to satiate the wanderlust within, you must take your dog along as well. Start with the proper research related to the destination and seek pet-friendly regions above all. Also, you need to carry the right accessories like pet collars, collars, and hands-free leashes for the utmost comfort. Try to test your dog for travel-related psychological abnormalities by going for a test drive.



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