5 Effective Tips for Traveling With Your Vape Gear


Travelling is one of the most thrill-inspiring experiences. It’s also quite therapeutic, especially if your trip includes excursions into the heart of Mother Nature. Plus, it’s the most natural way to explore foreign cultures, sample exotic cuisines, and interact with amazing people. 

However, traveling also comes with unpleasant surprises that might ruin an otherwise exciting vacation. For instance, traveling with a vape device to countries where vaping is outlawed is one of the surest ways to ruin your trip. 

So, how do you travel hassle-free with your vaping gear? This article shall offer more insights into that.

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Tips on How to Travel Effectively With Your Vape Gear

  1. Understand the Vaping Laws in Your Preferred Destination

One of the worst nightmares you can face is packing your vape gear and traveling to a country where vaping is outlawed. Therefore, always conduct your due diligence to establish the vaping laws in the destination you’re planning to visit. 


As you may already know, vaping laws vary from one country or state to another. Some jurisdictions impose a total ban on all vape accessories, including a vaporizer and its attachments and vape juices. 

Most importantly, note that these laws may be unique to the specific city or town you’re visiting. So, when digging up information on vaping laws, narrow down your search to local jurisdictions. 

Also remember that even in countries where vaping is allowed, there might be restrictions on the e-liquids you can consume, which is all the more reason to be thorough in your research. When it comes to e-liquids, particularly check the local regulations on products containing tobacco or cannabis extracts.

Pack Your Vape Gear Safely

You might have invested in the best CBD vape pen that money can buy. But if you pack it recklessly, you may risk your safety and that of your fellow travelers. 

When you’re flying with your vape gear, the conventional wisdom is to first turn off your vaping device. Also, have your vape device and batteries in your carry-on bag. 

As the plane soars into high altitudes, the resultant changes in pressure might increase the risks of your vape battery catching fire. Having the battery in your carry-on bag ensures that flight attendants can handle the situation before it slips out of hand in the event it catches fire. 

Another best practice is to avoid placing your vape batteries in contact with other metallic objects, which may destabilize its electrical charge.

Understand the Smoking Rules

Vaping may be legal in some countries. But that doesn’t give you the green light to vape anywhere you wish. 

Generally, you want to avoid vaping in public places, including airports, parking lots, city streets, and state parks. Vaping on a plane or on a train is definitely out of the question. 

But how do you tell that vaping is prohibited in a specific zone? 

The trick is to look out for the No Smoking sign. Although vaping is considerably safer than cigarette smoking, most smoking rules bundle the two together. So, if you’re ever in doubt, avoid vaping within close quarters of the No Smoking sign. 

Fortunately, there will be lots of private places where you can blissfully enjoy your vapor. If you’re road-tripping, you can always pull over and vape before resuming your journey. You’ll also have plenty of vaping time if you travel off the beaten tracks, as is the case with hiking and mountain climbing.

Don’t Forget Your Vape Accessories

The excitement of going on a vacation might cause you to forget certain essential vape gear. If that happens, your only recourse would be to purchase new attachments, which is a totally needless expenditure. 

And depending on the country or city, you’re traveling to; it may take forever for your newly-ordered attachments to get to you. You can avoid these hassles by packing all the requisite vape attachments. 

At the very least, ensure that you have spare batteries. Also, carry a charger for rechargeable batteries. And to be on the safe side, purchase enough vape juice.

Don’t forget to pack spare coils, tanks, and mouthpieces. The good thing about vape accessories is that they’re relatively light and will unlikely affect your airline’s carry-on capacity.

Be an Eco-friendly Vaper

You could be going on long-haul vacations that will see you dispose of your vaping devices from time to time. That’s understandable. 

But remember that responsible vapers are mindful of the environment. Don’t go littering the streets with used vaporizers just because no one is watching you. 

Instead, dispose of all used vape devices in an eco-friendly manner. If you’re traveling with fellow vapers, you might consider donating your used vaporizers to them. 

If you can, contact a recycling firm dealing in vaporizers and have them collect the used parts. Also, invest in high-quality and durable vape devices. That will reduce the frequency with which you have to dispose of used items. 

And if you ever run out of supplies, buy locally. Doing so will reduce the fuel consumed in shipping the products to you, which lowers carbon footprint.

A vaper in action

Traveling with vape gear is easier than most people imagine. It all comes down to familiarizing yourself with vaping laws in your destination of choice, packing right, and vaping in an ecologically sustainable manner.



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