5 Best Beaches On Oahu You Must Visit


There is no place on the planet better than Hawaii and Oahu, which is the third largest island in Hawaii is not different. The lush greenery, clean and warm beaches with coastline stretching up to 112 miles, Oahu has many reasons to be known as the gathering place. Oahu is one of the older chains of islands hence it holds a plethora of opportunities to have adventures and exciting activities with family and friends. Oahu has every kind of beach life a person needs, if you are traveling with your kids and family, there are many family-friendly beaches in the south and if you are traveling with your friends and want to have some fun, there are beaches offering all kinds of water sport and other activities. To book your flight tickets, try the various options of British Airways reservations for the best deals and offer for Hawaii. 

Waimanalo Bay

If you are traveling alone, try Waimanalo Bay for its soft sand and serene Caribbean-like sea, with cool waves and the endless horizon. This beach is perfect for people who wish to spend some quality time on the beach but at quite a secluded part to avoid the crowd. This beach offers this opportunity to just relax on the sand without any hustle and bustle. People traveling with kids can also take the advantage to let them dig some sand holes relaxed and you can relax without worrying about anything. Since there are not many people visiting the beach, families get a good opportunity to spend some quality time.

Kailua Beach

Travelers hoping for some water sports in blue waters and then relaxing on the warm sand, Kailua Beach is the place for you. You can go for a beach picnic, canoeing or kayaking, this beach has everything to offer. Furthermore, if you do not wish to go for any water sport, you can even stroll down the three miles of soft, sandy beach or simply get a hammock and relax while enjoying a book. The turquoise water, with a quiet and peaceful beach gives another charm and makes you want to stay there forever!

Lanikai Beach

One of the renowned beaches in Oahu, Lanikai Beach offers everything that a residential beachfront community usually has. Travelers are often seen to rent a kayak tour to Mokulua Islands which is also called the Mokes or simply paddleboard between the two islands. You even have the option for kite surfing if there is the required wind speed available. The beach is known for its cool breeze to give you another level of relaxation while having fun on the beach. 

Waimea Bay Beach Park

If you are hoping to try some cliff jumping or other adrenaline boosting activities then this is the perfect spot for you. Situated in the North shore of Oahu, it even welcomes some crazy waves to surf on during winters. On the other days tourists and locals can be seen usually trying cliff jumping or simply relaxing on the beach. The beach even offers large grassy areas where travelers and locals sit and relax while having a picnic with family and friends. Furthermore, you can even spread a blanket on the soft sands and take a nap while sunbathing. Do not forget your sunscreens!

Sunset Beach

Last but definitely not the least, the sunset beach. It is a pride of the North Shore featuring limitless soft sandy beach, with endless horizons. It is magical during sunset when the sky changes its hues from orange to pink to purple to black. It usually attracts the crowd during winters for its monster waves luring all kinds of surfers. 

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