3 Ways To Lower Your Blood Pressure

Systolic blood pressure

3 Ways To Lower Your Blood Pressure

Hypertension is also known as high blood pressure. It is a very common condition that is spreading throughout the world. It is also known as a silent killer as there are no specific symptoms of it.

In the United States of America and some other countries, high blood pressure is the leading condition to cause death than any other disease. High blood pressure can cause a heart attack or heart stroke if left untreated.

As discussed before, high blood pressure is a widespread condition throughout the world. Almost one-third of the total population of the United States affected by high blood pressure.

Systolic and diastolic blood pressure are two numbers that are involved to check blood pressure. Blood pressure is measured with mercury.

How Blood Pressure is Measured:

Systolic blood pressure is the top number in the measurement of blood pressure. It is the pressure of blood in the blood vessels. While diastolic blood pressure is the bottom number of blood pressure.

There is a difference between both numbers. The upper number represents blood pressure in vessels when heartbeats. The lower number represents blood pressure in vessels when the heart rest.

Your blood pressure depends on the strength of the heart to pump blood and the size of the arteries. If arteries are thin or narrow, your blood pressure will be high.

Blood pressure lower than 120/88 mm Hg is normal blood pressure. If your blood pressure is higher than this value than you must improve your lifestyle and consume a healthy diet such as mushroom broth to control and lower high blood pressure. Lifestyle changes and a healthy diet will show great results but if still you are facing trouble, consult a doctor for proper medications.

In this article, we will discuss some healthy foods and lifestyle changes that are required to control high blood pressure.

Physical Activity:

Physical activity is very important for the people are the patient of high blood pressure. Daily physical activity or daily exercise can increase your breathing and heart rates. This routine activity can strengthen your heart and lungs. With the passage of time, these organs get stronger and they work efficiently with less effort.

A stronger heart will put less pressure on your arteries and control your blood pressure.

The main question is, how much daily physical activity you should do? According to various studies and researches, 40 minutes of physical activity 3 to 4 times is required every week to control blood pressure.

If walking or doing any other physical activity for continuous 40 minutes is difficult for you, you can divide it into small sessions. Session of 10 or 15 minutes to perform the activity easily.

Here are some of the physical activities which you could do.

  • Walking
  • Gardening
  • Playing a physical game

Do any of the above or any other activity daily to keep you physically fit and control your blood pressure.

Control Weight:

Work on your weight its very important. If you are below the required weight or overweight, both are not good for your health and blood pressure.

Obesity can increase the risk of high blood pressure as more fat in the body will narrow your blood arteries. Your heart will work hard to push the blood through arteries and there are more chances to get a heart attack or stroke. Following a healthy and low carb diet such as keto broth can reduce your weight and control blood pressure.

Carbs and sugar both can increase your weight. Eat a low carb diet and reduce sugary foods if you want to control your weight. Instead of sugary foods, eat whole and nutrients rich foods.

Reduce Stress:

 Stress is not good for physical and mental health. Almost every person in his/her time span faces stressful times. Stress may be due Systolic blood pressure  to high family demands, politics, or workload.

Stress can affect your health negatively.

There are different ways to reduce stress. Deep breathing, walking, watching TV, reading a book, or getting social are some of the ways to prevent stress. You can also listen to music to reduce stress levels.


High blood pressure can cause various health problems including deadly diseases such as stroke and heart attack. You can control high blood pressure by improving your lifestyle and consuming healthy foods.


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