10 Easy Ways to Learn To Get Up Early

get up early

10 Easy Ways to Learn To Get Up Early

Problems lie only in our daily habits. By correcting the most unpleasant ones, you can easily learn to get up early. In addition, we will help with advice.

Goodbye, device

in a world that revolves around the constant relationship between a person and a gadget, it is difficult to even think about putting your smartphone away – even for one hour. However, the effort is definitely worth it. The light from the screen suppresses the production of melatonin, the hormone responsible for sleep. With your phone in your arms, you will not fall asleep early – and wake up, accordingly, too late.

Alcohol and Sleep
There is an opinion that a glass or two of red wine will be great for a night’s rest. This is not true. Alcohol, as a sedative, can help you fall asleep faster. However, overnight, it breaks down into several enzymes, which will not allow the body to completely relax. You are guaranteed tiny night awakenings, which will not even be imprinted in the mind – but in the morning, they will.

Fresh air
Try to leave at least a small crack to ventilate the room, even in winter. It is much easier to wake up in an oxygen-rich atmosphere.

Relationship with food
Learn to regulate your own need for food. Nobody says that you need to completely abandon dinner – this will only harm the body. Nevertheless, it is also not worthwhile to arrange a full meal for yourself: the stomach simply cannot melt all the calories received into energy. As a result, you will gain extra pounds – and a hard lift as a bonus.

Buy an alarm clock
Spend very little money on a normal, material alarm clock. In addition, put it at the other end of the room. Firstly, such a device will not give you the opportunity to set the timer “for another five minutes”. Secondly, you will not be too tempted to check social networks – neither in the evening nor in the morning.

Open the curtains
Few invigorates a person like the natural morning light of the sun. Your body is simply programmed to react to sunlight, so that, waking up in the rays of the heavenly body; you will not experience any problems.

Life-giving moisture
Prepare yourself a super drink in the evening: plain water with lemon. Place the glass at the head of the bed and take a couple of sips as soon as you open your eyes. Very invigorating.

Another detox
Show willpower: you have to do without a gadget for the first twenty minutes after waking up. Tune in to communicate only with yourself. Information from the outside world (almost any) may well wait. A conscious awakening motivates you to continue to stick to the same habit.

Be prepared for a workout

It’s all about making the right preparation for the workout sessions. Like if you are starting to keep in your mind that you have to do a session in the morning. You will wake up with a purpose or sleep with a purpose. Make sure you keep ankle sprain wraps in your backpack too for being always ready for any injuries.

Charging yourself
Yes, you need it.  However, the good news is that you don’t have to do a whole set of exercises right in the morning. Actually, you do not even need to get out of bed. Your task is to restore blood circulation in the body. Stretch, arch your back. Raise and stretch your arms, then your legs. Still want to lie around? Hardly.

Take your time

We do not advise you to immediately try to go to five hours of sleep. Some try to change their habits instantly – and, naturally, fail in the first round. There is no need to move the alarm clock hands back one hour. Start with ten minutes. Heck, even at this pace, it only takes you six days to get up an hour earlier!



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