10 Assorted Ways To Do Roof Inspection

Assorted Ways To Do Roof Inspection

Let’s face it, when it comes to house maintenance, the most overlooked part of the house is the roof, right? Most of the house owners totally forget about the health and safety of their roofs. Truth be told, the roof is considered to be the most vital component of the house as it prevents external elements from damaging the interior side of the house.
Did you know that two of the most common causes of water damage in the house are caused by leaks in the roof and flooded basement? This is why it highly recommended that you learn how to perform a roof inspection.
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Keep in mind that it is not necessary that you always hire a professional roofing inspector to inspect the condition of your roof. We’ve compiled a list of 10 ways that’ll help you in inspecting the roof on your own.
10 Top Ways To Do Roof Inspection
Trust us, you don’t need to find and hire a professional to inspect the roof. Below we have compiled a list of 10 assorted ways of inspecting the roof. So, if you are wondering how to perform a roof inspection venture, keep on reading until the end.
#1: Check The Roof Covers
The roof covers are designed to provide a weather barrier and its purpose if the protect the structure underneath it from water damage. This is why the roof covers are considered to be the first line of defense against the external elements.
If you find that the top layer of the roof is damaged and needs to be repaired, you need to consider fixing the issues before you plan on installing a second layer on top of it. The second layer ought to be thick and heavy.
#2: Check The Fasteners
There are two types of fastenings – good fastening and bad fastening. During a house roof inspection, checking the fasteners from the surface of the roof will seem to be impossible. But since you’re reading how to perform a roof inspection from this article, we’ll let you know how to do it.
The fasteners ought to be driven straight into the shingles and should not be overdriven. Whereas, the quality of the fasteners should be of high-quality as well. If you find that the fasteners are missing or they’ve not been installed properly, you’ll have to replace them with new shingles.
#3: Check The Deck Sheathing
Do you think that the deck is solidly sheathed? Well, this might be a bit more difficult to determine as things can get a bit technical and exhaustive.
Keep in mind that is the deck is not sheathed solidly, the shingles will not provide protection from the adverse weather condition.
All of the deck sheathing problems occur because of improper installation. So, walk on the roof, and check for wrong sized fasteners, missing framing members, overdriven nails, or there are too many or too few fasteners.
#4: Check The Slopes
It is a known fact that, inspecting the slope of the roof is impossible. However, there are a few things about the underlayment of the roof that should be understood by the house owners in order to evaluate the past performance of the roofing covering.
The ice dam is a protective membrane that is one type of underlayment. And it provides protection along the eaves where is a lot of water and ice dams could occur. However, these type of underlayment will waterproof the roofing system.
#5: Check The Ice Barriers
Now is the time for the ice barrier. This is a phrase that is used to describe the underlayment. An ice barrier is made up of two layers of slopes that are cemented together.
The ice dams can be formed along the eaves. This is why the underlayment ought to be modified to prevent ice dams from the water that is accumulated under the roof covering.
Provide attention to all of the roof covering of the roofing, sales, the wood shingle, and all the other types of shingles.
#6: Check The Drip Edge
Checking the drip edges is also important. You need to see whether the drip edges are installed at the eaves and rake or not. Remember that they provide a means of terminating the shingles and the underlayment in the best possible way. What more? They provide a good method of shedding water too.
A lot of the times, roofing codes require metal drip edges to be installed on the roof so that the water does not accumulate on one spot which causes water damage or promotes mold growth.
#7: Check The Offset Pattern
When it comes to looking for offset patterns in the shingle, you need to look for the following.
The application of the square end; it should be a three-tab strip shingle which will cause the cutouts to straightly align with all the other course of the roof. This is the 6-inch pattern.
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However, there is a 5-inch method too. This can be achieved by removing 5 inches from each consecutive course of the roof.
#8: Check The Roof Valley Flashing
Do you know that a roof valley is created at the intersection of two downward sloping roofing planes? This valley is almost vulnerable to water intrusion. This is because of the high volume of water and the low slope of the valley line.
Once you are on the roof valley, you need to closely look for granule loss as well. If there is granule loss, it’ll indicate that the shingles of the roof have been aged and will no longer be sufficient to protect the house against the external elements or the diverse weather condition.
#9: Keep An Eye Out For Curled Shingles
The hot air from the attic can cause the shingles to buckle and even curl away from the house. This will put you and the house is a lot of danger such as weather damage and poor ventilation.
This is why it is highly recommended that you keep an eye out for curled and buckled shingles.
#10: Look For Damages
Do you want to know the leading cause of roof damage? Well, missing, damaged, or worn out shingles are the root cause of the damaged roof. If you’re learning how to perform a roof inspection, it is highly suggested that you take much time and catch such issues too.
Damaged, missing, and worn out shingles might look like minor issues, but if they’re not addressed promptly, they’ll turn into major problems and post serious damage too.
Final Thought
Hiring one of the best roofing inspectors in Reston is your best choice when it comes to inspecting the roof, but it is not the only option. The above-given tips will help you in inspecting the condition of your roof on your own. Whereas, if you think that you do not have the time or expertise, you might search for roof inspection companies on HighFive Listings.


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